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Dietary Supplements Worth Trying

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Getting into a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. There is a big demand for enhancements in health and wellness. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising are great ways to start, but adding these popular Korean health supplements can also help to promote better overall health. Here are some of the most popular health supplements that can kickstart your health. 

LACTO-FIT Probiotics Gold

Lacto Fit Probiotics GoldIn recent years, imbalanced gut bacteria has been linked with various health issues. Consuming processed foods, stress, and lack of exercise compromises the gut bacteria. Lacto-fit Probiotics Gold contains "Lactobacillus", which is a probiotic to improve gut health. While most probiotic supplements are in form of a pill, this product is in powder form and contains no sugar. What makes this so great, is the convenience and ease in which this can be taken on a daily basis. It balances out the gut bacteria and regulates bowel movement while also reducing bloating and preventing infection and inflammation in the intestines. Perfect for all ages, this is a great go-to for an improved digestive system.

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AIRBORNE Manuka Honey 70+

Airborne Manuka Honey 80+Honey has been used as far back in ancient times as a healing agent. Manuka honey specifically, is a unique resource exclusively found in New Zealand. While common honey is known to have antibacterial properties, Manuka in particular has a higher grade of efficacy. This is due to a substance that is only found in manuka honey called MGO (methyglyoxal) which is an organic compound that gives manuka honey its' antibacterial properties. The more MGO the honey contains the more antibacterial properties it has. The Maori people have used manuka medicinally to treat things like fevers and colds. 

Airborne Manuka Honey can be used to treat everything from allergies, colds to to stomachaches and ulcers. It can be added to tea, eaten as is or it can be used to make at home facial masks as well! 

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EVERYDAZE Daily Revival Elixir - Ginseng & Cordyceps Extracts

Everydaze Daily Revival Elixir - Ginseng & CordycepsThis particular EVERYDAZE Daily Revival Elixir contains Korean Panax Ginseng and Cordyceps, which are packed full of antioxidants. Ginseng has been used in traditional medicine to help relieve fatigue, support immunity, and ease stress. Cordyceps has also been used in traditional medicine to help improve memory function and reduce physical fatigue. This product is consumed as a liquid and packaged in pressured pouches. By combining ginseng and cordyceps, this Daily Revival Elixir works as a high immunity supplement.

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Changing routine takes time, patience, and acceptance. This is especially true when it comes to incorporating a new healthy routine into your daily life. While these products are beneficial to the body, consistency and balance is key for results to come to fruition. By making incremental changes to your routine, you become one step closer to your desired goal. 

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