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Top 3 Spring Themed Eyeshadow Palettes

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Springtime is here and we all know what that means! Spring themed makeup looks - which are one of my absolute faves. Spring looks are all about feeling light, bright and fresh. There are so many different ways to revamp your makeup looks from winter to spring and one of the best ways is through eyeshadow! Now before you go perusing the interwebs, these are some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes for the Spring season.

ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes - Rose Wine

Image via Etude House Official Instagram

My favorite aspect of the ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes palettes is their versatility. I’ve used their palettes for years and this palette in Rose Wine is no different. The palette comes with 10 shades that are super blendable and allow for so many different makeup looks! What I love about this particular palette is the array of mattes, glitters and shimmers that make creating makeup looks for Spring so fun! 

One of my go-to super simple Spring looks when using this palette is using the shades Rose Macaron and Grape Tree as base and gradient shades (the former going all over the lid and the latter focused more on the lower part of the lid). I like putting Rose Macaron on the lower lashline for a bit of dimension and using the beautiful glitter shadow Clink on the lid and the middle of the lower lashline. Lastly, for a bit more of a pop, I place a bit of Champagne Party in the inner corner for a brighter look perfect for Spring. 

ROM&ND Better Than Palette - Peony Nude Garden

Image via ROM&ND Official Instagram

Much like the ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Rose Wine palette, the ROM&ND Better Than Palette in Peony Nude Garden is one of my top go-tos for spring makeup looks. This palette is more on the pinkier cool-tone side and perfect for creating any flower-like eyeshadow looks. The palette has a beautiful mix of mattes and shimmer glitters that are great for daily, soft glam looks. One of my favorite aspects of this palette though is how easy it is to work with the formula of all the shadow shades! The formula allows for buildable pigment making it so easy to go with a softer look or a slightly more intense flower glam look.

My go-to look when using this palette is super simple yet super flattering for the Springtime. I like to start off with Bubble Pink all over the lid, without being too precise and then taking Dusk Brown and blending it on the inner portion of the lid and the outer portion of the lid, leaving the center only filled with the Bubble Pink shade. To make it pop, I would Shine Dew over the Bubble Pink shade at the center of lid just to add a bit shimmer. Lastly, I use Cool Bay to emphasize the “aegyo-sal” and use either Shine Dew or Icy Mist (depending on how I feel that day) to further emphasize the “aegyo-sal”.

3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette - Beach Muse

Image via 3CE Official Instagram

And finally, an eyeshadow palette from one of my favorite korean makeup brands, 3CE! Throughout the years I’ve used and loved plenty of 3CE makeup but a favorite of mine for Spring is definitely the 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette in Beach Muse. This palette contains a culmination of pink and peachy shades that are great for both warm and cool skin tones!

One of the main reasons Beach Muse is a go-to for me (aside from how much I love 3CE makeup), is it’s pretty peach shades that allow me to create a different kind of spring look that isn’t just pink or rosy. Much like the other Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palettes, the matte eyeshadows are creamy, smooth and give a blurring effect to the eyes while the glitters are so iridescent I tend to go a bit overboard because they’re so pretty. 

My favorite eyeshadow look using Beach Muse is definitely more on the peachy-orange side compared to the other two looks and definitely a lot more simple. I like to start with the top middle matte shadow that is definitely more peach, and blend that all over the lid as well as the lower lash line. Blend the top right shadow right on top of the matte shadow on the lid, as well as on the lower lash line. For a bit of dimension, I’ll use either the bottom right or middle right shadow and place it super close to the upper lash line (like an eyeliner) and on the outer lower lash line as well. If I’m feeling super glam, I’ll throw in the top left shade in the inner corner as a highlight to make everything else pop.


All of these palettes definitely give off different vibes and can be used in a multitude of ways but what they all have in common is how perfect they are for creating effortless spring makeup looks. These palettes specifically are definitely a glitter and shimmer lovers dream come true with how iridescent and sparkly the shadows are. If you're looking for the perfect spring-themed eyeshadow palette, one (or all) of these is definitely for you!

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