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Laneige Lip Glowy Balm - Product Review - M Review 122

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 Laneige's New Lip Product

Ever since I moved to New York, there is not a single day that I've walked out of my apartment without a lip balm, and I recently discovered a new lip product by Laneige that totally takes the experience to a whole new level - Lip Glowy Balm.

all shades glowy lips

    This is the first lip product Laneige launched after their Allure award-winning Lip Sleeping Mask. Because of Laneige’s long-established reputation for intensive hydrating products, I decided to give this new Laneige lip balm a try.

Cute Packaging  

  First of all, the packaging of this product is very, very catchy, it stands out! I’ve always had this life-long difficulty of looking for my lip balms - it takes me a good 90 seconds every time fumbling in my bags just to find those tiny tubes. But Laneige's Lip Glowy Balm neon, ombré fruity color totally saves my time, they’re just too cute to be ignored or unseen in any bag!

    Enough about how much I love their packaging, let’s get to the actual product. Every time, I will squeeze out a small amount, because a little really goes a long way. Although it’s a balm, it does have a slight pink tint in it. So it not only moisturizes, but also gives the lip a healthy, pinky glow even when I forget to wear lipstick.

 Glowy lip

Glowy and Glistening on Lip

Another thing to mention, this balm is so glowy that I would almost say it’s glistening on my lip. It reminds me of the K-beauty trend “glass skin”; this Laneige lip balm literally gives me “glass lips” - they are just so stunning and glossy that beats any lip product that I’ve ever used. 


Comparison with Lip Sleeping Mask

    In addition, I have made a little comparison between Laneige’s glowy lip balm and the brand’s classic lip sleeping mask. Both are extremely hydrating and can be quickly absorbed, but the lip mask is thicker and definitely more suitable for intense treatment. On the other hand, the glowy lip balm is perfect for everyday use and it’s something that I can put on whenever I feel like I need a little shine or hydration on my lip. It leaves such a smooth and lightweight finish that I never feel sticky or gunky. 

Trust me, it will be such a pleasure to have this balm in your bags, too.


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