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The Differences Between BB Cream, Foundation, and Cushion Compact

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BB Creams and Cushion Compacts are two of the most successful beauty products since the K-beauty trend took off a decade ago. However, although these two products are no strangers to most of us, some people still have a hard time distinguishing between them and classic foundation.


1. BB Creams:

BB Cream is named as a “cream” for a reason. While it pertains to the ability to cover skin imperfections and even out the skin tone, BB Cream also protects and moisturizes the skin like a cream. “BB” here stands for Blemish Balm, which signifies its skincare benefit for skin. To further enhance the skincare effects, most BB Cream products contain UV or SPF in order to fight free radicals and help users retain youthful skin from sun damage.

Aside from its skincare effects, another lovely benefit of BB Cream I personally adore is how much time it saves. Instead of a multi-step regimen including a moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, and foundation, BB Creams allow me to finish all of these in one simple layer. It’s the ultimate time-saver, I'd recommend this for busy working people like myself.

Missha BB Cream Benefits

2. Cushion Compacts:

Cushion Compacts are unique in the way of how it's applied to our skin. The foundation liquids are stored and locked in the cushion inside the compact. When you apply it, pick up the little round-shaped applicator and press it into the cushion to squeeze out the makeup, then tap on the face. This way it gives you the most natural and dewy look with light, subtle coverage.

Another perk of this product is that the package is easy to carry around and allow people to fix or add on more layers during the day. From the moment you purchase a cushion compact, your dream of having the makeup stay on all day has already come true. I would recommend this to people who stay are out from morning to night!

IOPE Cushion Compact


3. Foundation:

The most traditional and classic way to perfect a flawless makeup look is using Foundation. Foundation is best when you are seeking a shade that exactly matches your skin tone, or if you want blemishes and freckles to be 100% covered. There are also various ways to apply foundation, but the recommended method for the best blend is application by brush. Squeeze 1-2 pumps on your hand, using a clean brush, dab the foundation and apply evenly on the face.

Foundation, like any other makeup product, comes in different price ranges, but foundation typically sells at a higher price point because of the demand and familiarity! Which is your preferred method?

Foundation for Coverage


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