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LLang on the skin Truffle from France Edition - Review M11

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LLang on the skin

Hello, M-Friends, I am Min. It's my first time to write a review in M-Blog. Actually, everyone has been really busy because we are getting sooooooooo many lovely Korean beauty products for and I am sure some of you already have seen new products. We will upload as many products as possible for everyday.

before mask on-Min

Anyway, today I am writing a review on one of our steady sellers – Llang on the Skin Truffle from France. Honestly speaking, I was a little reluctant to try this facial mask because it is only $1 (you know we have soooooooo many other masks) but I constantly hear good things about this mask so I decided to try. Btw (it has nothing to do with the quality of mask though) the packet has many iconic French stuffs like macaron, little prince and louvre museum and they are really cute.

llang mask open

The mask is a little thicker than Jayjun and very similar to the Leader's Renewal mask series. It does have good amount of ampoule inside. It is not completely fragrance free but like many other Llang's products, it is not strong and very pleasantly floral. (It won't smell like Truffle oil, so don't worry J) This is a watery type of mask, so it does not feel very sticky.

llang mask on

I used this sheet mask for 15 min only, but I could feel my skin is very well hydrated. It gave me a good dewy glow after the mask and it does not feel heavy or rich after the mask. Since it is $1 mask, I think it is a good mask for daily use or invigorating mask before your makeup in the morning.

llang mask-off-Min

Anyway, I think this is one of the best value facial mask sheets in the market and it suffers nothing by comparison to more expensive sheet masks in terms of its quality. Anyway it is a mask worth to try and it is only $1. Nothing to lose, right?

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