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5 Best Fresh yet Non-drying Cleansing Foam - M-Pick 2

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We are in the middle of summer. Hot weather pump out excessive oil from our pores, sun burns our skin, and constant exposure to air conditioners dries up our face. In other words, it is a season of triple trouble, oily outside and dry inside kinds of trouble.  So this time I brought 5 foam cleansers which are refreshing enough for summer stickiness and moisturizing enough for your air conditioner dried skin at the same time. Also, I think this M-Pick is a good one for the M-Friends in West Coast with hot & dry summer.         

Egg Mousse Soap

An iconic mousse type cleansing foam. Cream-like, super fine micro bubbles effectively clear out excessive oil and impurities. Milk protein extract and allantoin retain moisture on your face even after the thorough cleansing. It is a mousse type cleanser, so you don't even have to make bubble on your hands.

 skinfood egg pore foam

Skinfood Egg Pore Foam

The best seller of Skinfood's Egg line. Soft and rich bubbles clear up sebum & makeup very effectively. It is suitable for combination / oily skin. The albumin extract, trehalose and multiple amino acids complex moisturize your skin.

 skinfood rice cleansing

Skinfood Rice Scrub Foam

Fine rice particles gently remove dead skin and unclog your pore. So, it is a foam cleanser and scrub in one product. Palmitic acid is added as a surfactant and moisturizer, and rice bran water brightens up your skin complexity. If you do not have sensitive - "easily get red" skin type – this is a good daily cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, you can use it as a weekly scrub as well.  

 let's milk

Let's Milk Cleansing Foam

This Mayonnaise looking bottled cleanser is not only cute but also super reasonably priced. Believe it or not, this high quality is only $5. Milk protein and aloe vera extract leave your skin smooth and moisturized even after the cleansing. Witch hazel extract and portulaca oleracea extract soothe out irritated skin.

 llang natural foaming cleanser

LLang Natural Foaming Clanser

LLang's Natural Foaming Cleanser is frequently featured product in M-blog. Cocoyl Glycinate (natural surfactant ingreident from coconut) gently and thoroughly cleanse out makeup residues and impurities. Like all other Llang's product, it is enriched with panax ginseng extract, ginseng root oil and sapnin.   

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