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LLang Redgin Magic Oil - Review M14

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Hey M-Friends! My name is John, and I’m actually Joseph’s (aka Jawline guy) older brother. He’s known as Jawline guy here hahahahaha Anyways, I was looking for new skincare products to use and he mentioned to me that the LLang Redgin Magic Oil was one of the best sellers so it sparked my interest.


I’m also familiar with the LLANG Brand’s male model. Do you guys know who it is? It’s Park Bo-gum from the IT drama these days, 구르미 그린 달빛 (Love in the Moonlight). Have you guys been watching it? He seems to be like one of the HOTTEST Korean male actors right now.


Getting back to my focus haha I decided to give this product a try. Let me let you guys in on my thoughts… First, I put a little on my hand to try to show you guys the viscosity of this oil. This oil turns out to be a pretty light oil. I wouldn’t say it’s completely watery because it does have a thicker consistency than a watery toner. I was also surprised because I was expecting it to smell a lot more like ginseng since it’s a face oil made with red ginseng but it actually has a rather soft, natural, refreshing smell to it.


3_close up-

Okay, so I washed up, and I applied this face oil to my face. I’m going to admit that I did feel like the face oil tightened up my skin in a good way as soon as I applied it. I patted the oil into my face and it soaked into my skin pretty well not leaving a sticky residue. I applied lotion on afterwards to add more moisture and I think the face oil helped my skin to absorb the lotion even better than when I didn’t use this face oil. To be honest, I felt a mild breakout coming around my chin area but the next morning, my skin was clearer than I expected it to be. This Redgin Magic Oil is known for doing miracles with moisturizing and calming the skin that gets irritated from dryness, and it definitely gave me an exceptional experience overnight.

5.LLang Redgin Magic Oil

Last thoughts are: This face oil seems to do some deep works while feeling light on your skin. I would recommend for you all to give this product a try, see if it’ll do miracles with your skin. This might be the best time because is having a ridiculous sale on this particular product. It’s only $18 for a product that’s originally $42!! Just do it hehe

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