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Elensilia, the Power of Active Ingredients

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Probably, Elensilia is a familiar name for the K-beauty fans. Elensilia is famous for its Escargot Original Repair Cream, sold more than 200 million USD worth products in Korea only, has been named as the top-selling skincare product for 6 consecutive years in NS home shopping since its launching in 2009. It has recorded more than 250,000 returning customer (2015) in NS home shopping channel only.So, most of the people who bought this brand, they chose this brand again.


As a cosmetic blogger, biochemist and marketing director, I simply could not resist this brand. All of their product formula is simply amazing because they put 80% of the active ingredients in all of their product lines, all from renowned cosmetic chemical producers. Of course, all of them are paraben free.

3.Escargot Original Repair Cream

Elensilia’s Escargot Original Repair Cream contains 80% of glycosaminoglycan. It is one of the main ingredients in the snail slime that is known as skin-identical molecules. They actively repair various cell damages, so this product brightens and firms your skin. While most of the snail creams in Korea have unknown source of ingredient, Elensilia uses glycosaminoglycan made from famous French cosmetic chemical provider – Sederma. So, they use excellent ingredients with high concentration and the benefits of the cream are proven by numerous clinical researches.


CPP™ is another popular product line of Elensilia, enriched with high percentage of active ingredients. There are 4 sub lines with popular active ingredients such as placenta, propolis, collagen and caviar. All of them have patterned active molecules; CPP Placenta 80 is formulated MILLESIS™ from Sollice Biotech in France, designed to fight against external aging factors, strengthened with anti-oxidents. CPP Collagen 80 contains QUICKLIFT™ (extracted by Cross-Linked Xanthan) for quicker and more visible lifting effect. CPP Propolis 80 contains RESISTEM™ which is a patented cell regenerating ingredient and Caviar 80 contains Renovage™ that is known as telomere communicating molecule for skin regeneration. IntraCELL™ is Elensilia’s sheet mask line. There are 5 products under this category: Galactomyces Brightening, Placenta Firming, hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing, Propolis Revitalizing and Caviar Repairing. All 5 masks are also formulated with glycosaminoglycan extracted from snail mucin.

As a blogger & marketer, it is really exciting to talk about the brands with unique perspectives. Elensilia uses top quality ingredients with very generous amount and promise visible result accordingly. And of course, the products are very reasonably priced as well.

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