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Mask for Oily Skin: Dewytree Oiless Aqua Deep Mask - M Review 74

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Mask for Oily Skin: Dewytree Oiless Aqua Deep Mask - M Review 74

Dewytree Oilless Deep Aqua Mask thumbnail - M Review 74

I just recently tried out the Dewytree Oil Less Deep Mask courtesy of @masksheets_com. This mask contains papaya extract which helps exfoliate and soothe rough irritated skin & it's green! The Oil Less Mask is aimed for Deep Hydration for oily skin that needs hydration. Because I have combination skin, I was intrigued to try this because my face has been dry due to the air.

Dewytree Oilless Deep Aqua Mask wearing - M Review 74

When I first opened the mask pack, I saw green inside, which was interesting because all the masks that I have tried have either been white or black. The mask itself was super soft and it had a plastic backing out of its package to make unfolding it and applying easier because it clings together easily. The mask is similar to microfiber masks that I have tried because it's soft and clings onto the skin nicely, which I love because the mask smooths out after applying on the face.

Dewytree Oilless Deep Aqua Mask closeup - M Review 74

I didn't notice much of a scent from the mask, but it was definitely soaked in essence. I wore this for 25 minutes and it was still wet when I took it off. After taking it off, I noticed the essence itself felt a little thick and heavier than that I'm used to. After over half an hour of patting in the essence, it stayed tacky and there was a weird residue on my face. I left it by itself without following up with moisturizer since it felt heavy and woke up with surprisingly hydrated without feeling oily, which is what I was worried about due to the feeling of sticky residue when patting it in. If your face needs extra hydration, this would be perfect for you.

This mask retails for $3.50 a sheet & can be purchased from @masksheets_com.

Thank you Masksheets for sending me this to try! As always, my opinions are 100% my own.

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