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Shine your way into Spring: JAYJUN Intensive Shining Set - M Review 75

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Shine your way into Spring: JAYJUN Intensive Shining Set - M Review 75

Jayjun Intensive Shining Set thumbnail - M Review 75

It’s back. That weird time of the year when the weather starts acting weird. Spring is around the corner but somehow it’s snowing everyday, then we’ll get a week of “springy” temperatures to then go back to the cold and so on until June. Welcome to transitional weather season, my friends. This unstable time of the year is hard not only on our fashion choices - should I wear a jacket or not? - but also on our skin. 

During this period of time, most people claim their skin starts acting up: more breakouts, dryness, tightness and specially a dull complexion. This is mainly because our skin is confused. While our skin is super smart and knows how to transition in order to meet our necessities, weather changes can be very stressful and develop into reactions we’re not used to. For that same reason we need to help our skin throughout this process in order for it to be capable to maintain itself healthy all through Summer.

During this time I like to add some specific ingredients to my routine in order to keep it hydrated, bright and overall balanced, such as niacinamide, flowers extracts, some nourishing oils and lots or hydrating factors. For that same reason is that I’m obsessed with Jayjun’s Intensive Shining collection. Not only its package is basically me in form of a box, but the formulas are so soothing and hydrating I’m already thinking about the next things I wanna try. So far I’ve tested only the toner and the emulsion but if the rest of the collection is as good as this, boy, oh boy, I’m ready.


Jayjun Intensive Shining Toner

Jayjun Intensive Shining Set toner - M Review 75

I’m obsessed with toners, let’s starts there. You could even say they’re my favorite step from my skincare routine. You know that feeling when you just washed your face, then apply your toner and your skin looks and feels plump and revived? Yep, that’s the feeling I love. Not all toners accomplish that though, but this one definitely does.

Jayjun Intensive Shining Set toner texture- M Review 75

Containing 77% cherry blossom extract - which is highly anti-inflammatory and packed with vitamins to brighten up the skin - this toner adds vitality to your complexion. Everytime I use it I can see and feel my skin softer and more elastic, kind of like a baby’s cheek.

Jayjun Intensive Shining Set toner absorbed - M Review 75

A little tip? I love placing toner-soaked cotton pads over my skin for 10-15 minutes to calm it down whenever it feels too tired or dehydrated, but not all toners are great for it. This one is so light and gentle, it’s perfect for a long toning session.

Jayjun Intensive Shining Emulsion

Jayjun Intensive Shining Set emulsion- M Review 75

I’m not much of an emulsion gal, gotta admit. I tend to go straight to moisturizers and will probably keep on doing so, but this emulsion definitely impressed me. While I still think it’s not enough for winter time, it’s great to be layered under a moisturizer for an extra shot of hydration, plus I feel like it helps create kind of like a shield against cold temperatures, so my skin doesn't dry out throughout the day. 

Jayjun Intensive Shining Set emulsion texture - M Review 75

It contains a little less cherry blossom concentration than the toner - 59%, which is still a lot - combined with Niacinamide, Shea Butter and Brightening-9 complex, which is packed with extracts from 9 different flowers to deeply moisturize and revitalize skin.

Jayjun Intensive Shining Set emulsion absorbed - M Review 75

I personally feel like this could be a great catch for those with oily skin during summer time, as it keeps skin fresh and hydrated without feeling heavy. 

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