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Mini Mask Review: Oozoo Power Capsule Mask Recovery - M Review 92

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Mini Mask Review: Oozoo Power Capsule Mask Recovery - M Review 92

Ooozoo Capsule Mask thumbnail - M Review 92

"What do you do while using a face mask?" 

 Usually I brush my hair or style them while doing a mask. If it's late in the night, I just read a book or meditate. It's very soothing. 

Sharing some products today in my #amroutine today and mini review them -

Oozoo Capsule Mask try on - M Review 92

The packaging has a cute mini capsule with serum essence to have a freshly infused serum into the mask . The pink capsule looks very  adorable. I pressed the capsule from top to bottom as indicated in the pack and the serum easily poured in to mask. I pressed the serum with as light tapping motion to spread it evenly into the mask.

Ooozoo Capsule Mask ingredients - M Review 92

This mask has a fine mesh like soft texture. It is really very soft and the fit is amazing to wear. It contains Alcohol, ferment extract, coconut oil, apple extracts , sunflower oil etc,. A point to note is Alcohol is 3rd on the list. I kept this mask for about 20 minutes. It is medium in hydration and it gave a satin finish after use.

Oozoo Capsule Mask ingredients - M Review 92

Presence of alcohol did not bother my skin because it has repairing ingredients too. However it might cause sensitivity to some skin types. My makeup applied well after this. It's a good everyday mask. It can be purchased at @masksheets_com. -

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