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K-Beauty Summer Makeup 2019 using Pantone Color of the Year Living Coral - M Tips 91

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This year, Pantone has chosen an extremely versatile shade as its color of the year – Living Coral. The color, with its pink and orange undertones, is perfect for almost every skin tone and is a staple in almost every woman’s makeup arsenal. The living coral color can be worked into your makeup routine in various ways, as a lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, or even nail paint.

Let’s get ready to explore the 2019 K-Beauty Summer Makeup checklist to find some of the best products out there in the K-beauty market which will help you create stunning looks using the vibrant Living Coral shade.


3CE Plumping Lips (in Coral)

Pantone KBeauty Makeup 3ce plumping lips - M Tips 91

Get juicy, plumper lips with a burst of vibrant color for summer. It provides natural looking coverage with a pop of color - think “My Lips But Better”. It’s flattering on most skin tones and can be worn on its own on “no-makeup makeup” days or to finish off a gorgeous summer makeup look. 

Peripera Airy Ink Velvet (in My Brown Coral)

Pantone KBeauty Makeup air velvet - M Tips 91

For those looking for a slightly deeper shade of Living Coral, try this shade out! It gives a more neutral coral color with a velvety matte finish that almost feels like you didn’t apply anything. This formula is airy like the name says, making your lips smooth with a longer staying power than most other lip tints. Apply it to the cheeks as a blush to complete the look! 

L.O.C.K and Tap Cushion Blush (in Coral Pink)

 Pantone KBeauty Makeup cushion blush - M Tips 91

Cushion blushes are all the rage in K-Beauty - forget your traditional powder blush and opt for a creamy cushion blush. If you prefer cream blushes over powders and liquids, then the L.O.C.K and Tap Cushion Blush is your best bet. The creamy texture is not only a great choice for easy application but also blends extremely well to give you that perfect sun-kissed look. The perfect pop of coral gives your cheek a nice hint of peach, and its silky formula ensures a smooth finish.

Etude House Play Color Eyes (in Juice Bar) + Happy WIth Piglet Look At My Eyes Jewel (in Don't Be Sad) 

 Pantone KBeauty Makeup etude house play color - M Tips 91Pantone KBeauty Makeup etude house look at my eyes - M Tips 91

Play with lovely shimmers and matte to make your eyes pop with coral! Etude House creates eyeshadows with a soft,buildable formula that looks natural yet captivating. These shades will work together to create a Living Coral themed eye look in true essence of 2019 K-Beauty Summer Makeup. 

Gelato Factory Nail Strip (in Champagne Coral)

Pantone KBeauty Makeup gelato factory - M Tips 91

Perfect makeup is never complete without them, perfect nails. Press-on nail stickers/strips are one of the biggest trends in Korea. It's easy to put on and you can switch up your nails whenever you want! Gelato Factory specializes in these press-on nails and offers a variety of different colors and designs that will last for a long time. This nail strip in particular has a beautiful, delicate design with some sparkle to pay homage to the Living Coral theme! 

Now that you have the list of the complete range of living coral must-haves, it’s time to hit the stores and start riding the 2019 K-Beauty Summer Makeup Living Coral wave. 

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