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Missha Time Revolution Ampoule - M Review 76

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Missha Time Revolution Ampoule - M Review 76

Missha Time Revolution Ampoule - M Review 76

Let’s talk about packaging before we dive into the ingredients and the claims to this serum. How beautiful and eye catching is it? It makes for a wonderful shelfie photo, doesn’t it? The glass bottle itself feels very sturdy and the dropper is my favorite way to dispense any type of serum. The bottle contains a generous 50 mL of product so there’s plenty for your skin to appreciate.

Let’s dive into the ingredients list; so many great botanical, brightening, firming and hydrating goodies packed into this serum. Some key ingredients are Bifida Ferment (to help your skin’ vitality), Lactobacillus Ferment (to help clear up problematic skin that is scarred or textured) and Lactococcus Ferment (which is excellent for moisturizing and soothes your skin). In addition, we have Vitamin C, which I love for brightening and clarifying my skin, giving it a nice boost of radiance.

Missha Time Revolution Ampoule texture - M Review 76

This serum claims go hand in hand with the ingredients; to provide vitality, replenish your skin, and to boost its radiance. I’ve been using this for a month and it’s easily become a holy grail product for me. The serum gives off a hint of ginseng aroma; it has a lovely and subtle herbal scent to it which I find quite nice. There is a nice slip to the serum while you’re applying it on and absorbance time is quick but it leaves a glowy and comfortable satin finish. You can use it night or day (I use it twice a day). I love how this has made my skin feel ; instantly nourished and although I can’t attest to the wrinkles/anti aging claims, I can undoubtedly say that this serum has a permanent spot in my skincare routine.

Missha Time Revolution Ampoule before - M Review 76


Missha Time Revolution Ampoule after - M Review 76

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