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New Sheet Masks You Will Come Across This Winter

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As most of the Korean beauty fans agree, sheet masks are the most iconic category of Korean beauty product. Since it is disposable and relatively cheap, people are less likely hesitant to try different masks and some masks from somewhat unknown brands. Probably, this is why Korean beauty fans begin their Korean beauty journey from sheet masks. Sheet masks definitely have their advantage. It contacts with the skin directly and constantly provide moisture onto the skin, unlike many other products. So, you can see relatively instant resultplumped, moisturized and glowing skin. Last week, I wrote about the Korean beauty product update. This article will be solely dedicated to the new sheet masks that may come to your stock. (We currently do not have any of them, so this will be a very objective article.) Just enjoy. 


Dewytree Deep Mask Series

 DEWYTREE Deep Masks

So, this time is green. I mean literally the sheet is green colored. So instead of playing with the formula, Dewy Tree actually inserted green enzyme (papain) in microfiber sheet and helps the ampule delivery onto the skin. The sheet itself has lots of fine hairs, minimizes the gap between the sheet mask and the skin. Papain gently exfoliates excessive keratin layer, so you can actually feel the smooth textureAC control version of deep mask got 2017 Glowpick award, and No-sebum version won the Unpa Beauty Review Winners (언니의 파우치) in 2017 as well. There are 5 varieties – Aqua, AC Control, Whitening (Brightening), Fitness, and Firming. 


Dr. Jart – Sleeping Mask Series

 Dr. Jart Sleeping Masks

If you are not new to Korean sheet masks, probably you have already tried one or two Dr. Jart’s “tablet” mask series. It is a really well-made collection actually. While many other brands just simply modify the formula and use same design and fabric, Dr. Jart optimized mask material for each purposesthin and transparent for moisturizing & soothing; thick and microfiber for Clearing & Brightening; Hydrogel mask for firming & anti-aging. Yet, this year, they introduced two version of sleeping masks from the same label – Vital Hydra Sleeping Mask & Intra Jet Firming Sleeping Mask. Unlike Dr. Jart’s conventionally high-end products, these are relatively cheap and very large (120ml.) I am not so sure about the ingredients but the texture is just superb as always.


CELLBN - #진짜다시마팩 – The Real Kelp Facial Mask


Many Korean beauty experts look for more exotic masks, and here is what we have. This mask is actually not a completely new type of sheet mask and few kelp “gel” masks are available at Amazon or other Korean Beauty Providers. However, they were not really appealing to me because $14 per piece is just simply not an appropriate price for a mask. For this price, I’d rather go for a box of daily masks and use it for 10 days. But if it is around $5~$6, it’s a different story. CELLBN’s Sea Kelp Mask is relatively reasonably priced and has considerably good ingredients list. Sea Kelp naturally contains Alginate and Fucoidan, moisturize & relax the skin, and hyaluronic acid and other soothing extracts look pretty good to me. If you are bored with your conventional sheet mask, probably CELLBN’s Kelp Mask can be a good candidate.


ATOPALM – Real Barrier Extreme Cream Mask

Atopalm Real Barrier Cream Mask

Cream type mask is nothing new and if you have extremely dry skin like me, I am sure you already have tried cream type mask like Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Mask. ATOPALM used to be a brand that produces baby products long time ago but now it's gotten more and more popularity from its Skincare line “Real Barrier.” They have applied unique patent technology called MLE (Multi-Lamellar Emulsion) and have added very interesting moisturizing factors, such as myristoyl/palmitoyl oxostearamide/arachamide mea (supposedly a kind of pseudoceramide) and many other repairing ingredients such as panthenol and madeccasoide. It claims to repair the natural skin barrier, and I don't think it’s a lie. ATOPALM is a company with core technology and specialized ceramide &repairing related product, you can give it a try.


REPAIRA Salon to Go Series

Repaira Salon To Go Series

So, the package contains face, hands and foot masks all together. Interesting part is facial mask. It’s not sheet, it’s not hydrogel and it’s not kelp. It is made with same material that you can normally see in the “V” line mask but this one is for the full face. It is almost like a sticker and some of you won’t like this much because it is solely intended for lifting only, meaning it won’t moisturize you at all. It does contain some anti-aging ingredients such as adenosine and peptides. It has very interesting shape, as you can see from the photo. If your concern is sagging skin, this can be an excellent quick boost before you wear makeup. There are 4 holes for hanging on both ears, both for face and lower chin. I think it’s very innovatively designed, if lack of moisturizing is not your concern. Hand mask and foot mask are normal & conventional hydrating masks.

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