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Papa Recipe Honey Moist Cream - M Review 89

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Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Moist Cream thumbnail - M Review 89

Honey, I’m home...and ready to glow! One of my longtime favorite skincare ingredients is honey. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and works great on my troubled, irritable skin. I’ve had so many memories of honey-based products saving me from acne and inflamed skin. Recently, I have got to try a product from the Papa Recipe Honey Moist line. Papa Recipe makes an amazing Bombee Honey Mask that a lot of people, including myself, rave about. So I figured why not give some of the skincare products a shot.

The one I will be reviewing today is Papa Recipe’s Bombee Honey Moist Cream:


Infused with propolis extract, royal jelly, and honey, this cream is rich with nourishing moisture. Propolis is another one of those ingredients that I love that has amazing anti-inflammatory benefits as well as being able to soothe irritated skin. Combining these three ingredients together also works as a nourishing skin protectant that can even have some anti-aging benefits as well.

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Moist Cream texture - M Review 89

What I like most about this cream is the texture and application. Having oily-combination skin, I love coming across “water drop” creams that I can apply during the daytime or during hotter summer months. These water drop creams form droplets of hydrating water when massaged into the skin. It sinks into the skin, delivering instant, full hydration without a heavy or sticky feeling afterwards. Initially, I was worried something with a rich, nourishing ingredients like honey would be too much to wear during the summer - but is very lightweight and moisturizing.

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Moist Cream spread - M Review 89

I believe this cream can be suitable for all skin types, even for those who have oily or sensitive skin. Someone that suffers from severely dry skin may want to add more moisturizing products prior to applying this cream, especially during the winter. It is not irritating on the skin and seems to soothe any trouble areas that I may have that day. And just like the name says, it gives you moist skin complexion that feels fresh.

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Moist Cream dried - M Review 89

Personally, I love using this cream under makeup because of how seamlessly the moisture sinks into the skin. It creates a perfect base for my foundation to glide on to. In Korean, there is a phrase “화장을 잘 먹다” which literally translates to “My face ate the makeup well” but means that the makeup application was smooth, not cakey, and almost skin-like. This comes with having a good skin base to work with prior to applying your face makeup. 

Overall, I love Papa Recipe’s Bombee Honey Moist Cream. Personally, I think I can see myself using this all year round and still. If you’re looking for a lightweight moisturizer that will relieve irritated skin this summer, I highly recommend checking this one out!

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