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Sunscreen & Vitamin C: The Ultimate Summer Skincare Duo - M Review 88

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It’s officially summer! That means warmer weather, trips to the beach, and more daylight. Yes, we all want that beautiful JayLo, beach goddess tan for the summer, but we should be doubling up on sun protection since UV damage is at its maximum potential. It’s important to apply sunscreen everyday - rain or shine, indoors or outdoors - to prevent skin cancer, sunburn, photoaging, wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots. Even if you don’t have a whole 10-step skincare routine, it is crucial to at least have a daily dose (or more) of SPF as part of your daily routine.

Finding the right sunscreen for your needs and skin type is also important. Take a look at some of the choices in the list below! 

Sensitive Skin

Im Pure Cica Suncream - M Review 88

Suntique I’m Pure Cica Suncream 

Perfect for sensitive skin with a skin-soothing cica complex incorporating some of my favorite "healing" ingredients, centella asiatica and madecassoside. 

Oily Skin 

The Face Shop Natural Sun - M Review 88

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco No aShine Hydrating Sun Cream SPF50/PA++

A mattifiying sunsscreen that will control oils and smooth pores so you can stay shine-free! 

Dry Skin 

Missha All Around Safe Block Essence - M Review 88

Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk 

Quench your skin with a moisturizing sun milk that feels lightweight while keeping your protected! 

Normal Skin 

Apieu Pure Block Sun Cream - M Review 88

A'pieu Pure Block Natural Sun Cream SPF 45/PA+++ 

All skin types can enjoy this daily sunscreen that doesn't leave any sticky shine or stiff, dry feeling. 

But, did you know most sunscreens block only HALF of the harmful free radicals produced by UV exposure? So to make the most out of your sunscreen, it is recommended to combine it with a topical antioxidant! 

coxir Vita C serum - M Review 88

coxir Vita C Bright Serum 

So when I think of summer ingredients, I also think of freshly squeezed vitamin C. It’s an amazing antioxidant that brightens the complexion with its skin protecting benefits. Applying a vitamin C serum every morning has an amazing effect in terms of slowing down skin aging that can be caused by the sun. As an antioxidant, it will help protect your skin from free radical damage in your immediate environment. 

Klairs Vitamin Drop - M Review 88

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop 

So if you want the most sun protection as part of your summer skincare routine, layer your vitamin C and sunscreen together for the ultimate skincare duo! You’re one step closer to glowing, ageless skin!

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Stay Glowing 

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