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Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Serum - Review M6

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If someone asks what the most famous Skinfood product is, most of people will pick the Black Sugar Mask. But, Skinfood is not all about 11 dollar cleansing foam and cheap sheet masks. Actually, unlike many other road shop brands, Skinfood’s target audience is not limited to teenager. They have multiple product lines, and Gold Caviar line is the most popular premium line along with Platinum Grape Cell or Blanc Pearl line. Today I brought THE MOST EXPENSIVE serum from Skinfood – Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Serum ($62 or more expensive). Why not enjoy a little luxury from this reasonably priced brand, Right?  

First Impression

The serum is placed in a pump type container, dispenses adequate amount (pea size) of serum for use. The serum has gel like texture rather than creamy/butter. When it is applied on skin, it feels refreshing and it is absorbed really quickly. It leaves slightly oily layer on the skin but it is not unpleasant and it moisturized my skin very well. It has very light floral fragrance, so it is not completely fragrance free product :(


skin gun

From the PH test, it turns out this serum is slightly acidic (pH 5.5 to 6) than water, which is adequate for the skin because skin exists in slightly acidic condition. So it won’t irritate your skin interms of its acidity. Right after the application, skin gun test demonstrated water index was increased from 41.6% to 60.6% and oil index also increased from 18.7% to 27.2%. So we can see, this serum nicely moisturized my skin.


Ingredient Check

Interestingly, this serum used hydrolyzed marine collagen as its base. So it contains 80.8% of hydrolyzed marine collagen. Actually, collagen has been a very popular ingredient from early 90’s as firming and anti-aging ingredient. Yes, there are some researches that collagen may used for wound healing for the dressing purposes, but collagen is definitely NOT a recognized active ingredient for an anti-wrinkle or a firming agent. So we should understand the benefits from collagen (including hydrolyzed one) generally comes from its moisturizing effect. It also contains 800mg of caviar extract and safe moisturizing agents such as butylene glycol / glycerin. It contains dimethicone, so be aware of it if it concerns you. Sodium hyaluronate, adenosine and multiple peptides were added as anti wrinkle and firming agents. I can say this serum is made with safe compounds.


After Thought

Some of Korean bloggers recommend this serum as a cheaper substitute La Prairie’s Cellular Platinum Rare. I do not know the La Prairie can magically protect your DNA and brighten your skin (at least this is what they say) but certainly Gold Caviar Collagen Plus does its job. It moisturizes skin well and it contains good amount of anti-aging, cell repairing ingredients. So I would rather choose the Skinfood if I wanna go a little luxury.

One-line Review


 PROS: light but moisturizing texture with lots of lots of collagen

 CONS: A little expensive (62$)

 IDEAS: Skinfood maybe go luxury. I love Caviar!! 

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