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KCON NY 2016

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Hello, M-Friends

kcon1 joined KCON NY 2016 from June 24 to Jun 25. We could feel the energy from the people. All staffs in would like to appreciate participants, celebrities, other vendors and officers who try their best to make this amazing make even more amazing.


We had an honor to join Korea Tourism Organization’s booth as a representative K-beauty vendor, and we had an incredible experience to communicate with K-beauty fans in KCON. We'd like to specially thanks to NEOGEN US who co-hosted this event with us. 


We had a booth for K-beauty experience, also did sample sale for sheet masks and our selected make-up products. It was a seriously discounted sample sale. (But M-Friends, don’t be mad. We have daily deal everyday and keep your eyes on for the same serious discounts)


Again, we’d like to appreciate all your supports and passions that you showed to us. It was really fun to communicate with every amazing and beautiful people in KCON 2016. See you again in KCON 2017, and we will write a follow-up blog on questions that we frequently had during the KCON.


-       Korean Skincare Regime : Which one should come first?

-       Make up Regime: So BB or primer first?

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