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Shake it Off: Dr Jart Soothing Shake & Shot - M Review 68

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Shake it Off: Dr Jart Soothing Shake & Shot - M Review 67

Dr Jart Shake and Shot Soothing thumbnail M Review 68

Have you ever watched a video online of an esthetician applying a modeling mask onto a client? In one languid stroke they control a slow moving goo to form over the skin, contouring it perfectly to a person’s face. Of course, professionals make application look easy, and applying a modeling mask on yourself at home you’re more likely to end up looking like Mrs. Doubtfire after she’s smashed her face into a pie.

My first go at attempting modeling masks, otherwise known as rubber masks, was probably 2-3 years ago. I couldn’t get the powder to toner ratio just right, I took too much time mixing, causing the mask to already turn rubbery before even applying it to my face, and in the end I actually wasted a whole product without even getting it onto my face. Since that time, a lot more modeling masks have come onto the market, and when Dr. Jart came out with their Shake & Shot mask, I decided it was time for me to give modeling masks a second shot.

Dr Jart Shake and Shot Soothing steps M Review 68

My first impression was a sigh of relief. While the packaging can be a bit creepy, it’s actually very efficient. Taking off the lid, you’re supplied with a spatula and two packets. Instead of a pesky powder, Dr. Jart has replaced that step with something called “shaking rubber”. It comes out as a paste which you follow with step 2, the soothing shot ampoule. After combing both packets into the cup, you replace the lid and just as the name entails, you give it a good shake. Quickly, you hear the liquid thicken until it turns into that classic ‘goo’ consistency rubber masks are known for.

Dr Jart Shake and Shot Soothing inside M Review 68Dr Jart Shake and Shot Soothing shake M Review 68

With your face cleansed and toned, the mask can be applied easiest with the supplied spatula. After covering everything except for your eyes, the mask will start to rubber and harden as you let it sit on your face for at least 20 minutes. While the mask sits, the mask turns into a barrier between itself and your skin, allowing the ampoule to sink into your skin. When the time’s up, you don’t have to worry about washing it off, it peels right off!

Dr Jart Shake and Shot Soothing mask on M Review 68Dr Jart Shake and Shot Soothing peeling M Review 68

When I decided to give rubber masks a second shot I had a lot of reservations. With failed attempts in the past and the difficulty I’ve had with other products, I used to think that the work wasn’t worth the result. With Dr. Jart’s Shaking Rubber Mask made it so easy to combine steps without worrying about measurements and mixtures. The consistency after shaking is thin enough for easy application but not so thin that it loses its form after being applied to your skin. The ampoule within the mask is filled with fruit oils and hydrating ingredients such as aloe, guajava leaf, and other floral extracts that left my skin feeling soft and hydrated without that tacky feeling your skin usually gets right after using normal sheet masks. Dr. Jart’s shake and shot takes the hassle out of modeling masks, and if you’ve been weary of rubber masks like I have been, give Dr. Jart a chance, you won’t be disappointed!


Rosa DiSantis of The Beauty Witches~ 



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