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Galentine's Day Mask Haul - M Review 67

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Galentine's Day Mask Haul - M Review 67

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If you’re a part of the beauty community on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Huangjisoo products all over lately. They’ve quickly become popular because of their cruelty-free, natural skincare products suited for all skin types. Huangjisoo focuses on a small product line which includes a cleansing oil, several foaming cleansers, and 5 different sheet masks. Sheet masks are an absolutely must this time of year because of the harsh cold, so I chose 3 of the 5 masks to try for myself.

All Huangjisoo sheet masks use a 100% cotton cupra sheet, which adheres to the skin to provide deeper hydration. This type of sheet prevents essence from evaporating, ensuring that most essence is absorbed by the skin, and keeps the mask in place while wearing.  Each mask also contains Remella Fuciformis Extract (a.k.a. mushroom extract), which is said to help the skin retain more moisture than hyaluronic acid.


huangjisoo centella repairing mask - m review 67

The Centella Repairing Mask claims to help treat rough skin, irritation, and enlarged pores. It has a cream type essence and is supposed to be best suited for dry, sensitive skin types. The most notable ingredients are Centella Asiatica, Ceramide, and Matricaria Flower Extract (a.k.a German chamomile). Together these ingredients help to soothe inflammation and irritation, as well as moisturize and repair your skin barrier.

Normally, I tend to stay away from cream type sheet masks because they can be heavy for my oily skin, but recently the cold weather has left me with some dry patches. This mask smelled almost like cotton or clean laundry and the essence was on the thicker side. Application was easy and the mask fit well. I wore it for around 30 minutes and when I removed the sheet, it was almost dry. My skin absorbed the essence well, with no heavy feeling or sticky residue left afterward. My face felt plumper and baby soft. I didn’t have a lot of inflammation at the time, but I could tell my complexion looked less blotchy.

huangjisoo centella repairing mask before and after - m review 67


huangjisoo red fruits brightening mask - m review 67

The Red Fruits Brightening Mask claims to help brighten skin tone and leave skin looking luminous. It has a liquid type essence and is best suited to those worried about uneven skin tone. The most notable ingredients are Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Acerola Fruit Extract, Malus Domestica (apple stem) Fruit Extract. The galactomyces and acerola work to brighten your skin, while the malus domestica works to repair your skin barrier.

Personally, I don’t have much of an issue with uneven skin tone, but rather dull looking skin. So, I was hoping the mask would leave me with a dewy glow. The essence had a lemony fresh scent that was pleasant, not cleaning product-esque, and was a liquid type as claimed but had a slight creamy texture. I wore it for around 30 minutes and the mask almost completely dry at the end. My skin had easily absorbed the essence, leaving me with deeply hydrated and smooth skin. I feel my skin had a glowing look to it afterward, but nothing drastic. Regular use of this mask would be needed to see lasting effects.

 huangjisoo red fruits brightening mask - m review 67


The British Rose Hydrating mask claims to soothe irritated skin and provide deep hydration. It has a water type essence and is supposed to be best suited for normal to dry skin. The most notable ingredients are Rosa Centifola (Cabbage Rose) Flower Water, Squalane, and Anthemis Nobilis (Roman Chamomile) Flower Extract. The rose water provides soothing hydration, while the squalane helps balance oil production and chamomile calms any irritation.

Most rose masks have an overpowering fake scent, but this mask smelled as if I were sniffing an actual bouquet! The essence was also watery as claimed, which was nice since other rose sheet masks I’ve tried have a thick, creamy essence. I wore this for around 30 minutes as I did for the other masks and out of all of them, this mask was the driest at the end because my skin just drank up the essence. My face felt deeply hydrated afterward without any feeling of heaviness or stickiness. Looking at the before and after, I feel as if my skin as a refreshed glow to it after.

huangjisoo british rose hydrating mask - m review 67

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with these sheet masks and I’m so glad I gave them a chance! I loved the fit of these masks and how well they adhered to my skin. I think it play a big part in how hydrated my skin felt after use. Also, the ingredients in these masks fulfilled all my skincare dreams! In addition to the notable ingredients I mentioned before, each mask also included an array of nourishing plant extracts. I think the British Rose Hydrating Mask was my favorite because it best suited to my skins needs, but the others still showed great results. These masks are definitely suitable for all skin types and worth trying to give your skin a hydration boost!

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