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Sick of Acne? Let's go see Dr. Jart - M Review 66

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Sick of Acne? Let's go see Dr. Jart - M Review 66 

Dr Jart Clearing Mask thumbnail - M Review 66

One of my all time favorite mask material; microfiber! This is an ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask that targets breakouts and reduces appearances of scars and also uneven skin tone. There was an abundance of clear watery essence in the package that I applied to my face prior to the mask. The fit and adherence were both phenomenal. The only thing I had to adjust was the area between the eyes; I made a little slit on either side so it would lay flat against the bridge of my nose. There was no noticeable scent that I could detect; it is due to the lack of artificial fragrance! This mask is also formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates which could be irritating to some. This mask is perfect for anyone who has acne prone skin, abundance of blemishes, noticeable pores and uneven skin tone

Dr Jart Clearing Mask detail- M Review 66

Finer than a strand of hair, this mask felt incredibly soothing and made for a relaxing masking experience. It came with a net backing for easier unraveling. I found this to be very helpful since the mask itself was so thin. This mask did not budge for the entirety of the 20 minutes that I wore it for before it started to dry. 

Dr Jart Clearing Mask before- M Review 66Dr Jart Clearing Mask packaging- M Review 66

After removing the mask, I noticed that a ton of the essence have already absorbed. I tapped in whatever else was leftover and the mask dried down to a comfortable satin finish. I found that this mask offered more clearing, brightening and balancing mask than a hydrating one. Prior to masking, my skin was dull and noticeably red. After masking, my pores were smaller and my face was soothed. 

Dr Jart Clearing Mask after- M Review 66

So my friends with acne prone or oily skin would enjoy and benefit the most from this mask. For my normal/dry skin type friends, a layer of moisturizer after this mask would bring in just the right amount of moisture to end your skincare routine for the day.



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