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Skincare As a Form of Self-Care

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Life can be sometimes – scratch that, IS FOR A FACT, draining, exhausting, overwhelming, dull, and the list goes on. However, cleansing your face, patting on rich essence, applying a creamy night cream, and putting on a cold-refrigerated face mask or eye patch could be fun, or even an unwinding and relaxing activity. Dermatologists have long endorsed a daily skin care routine and reasons go beyond the improvement in appearance.

Similar to booking a spa, facial treatment, or taking a warm bubble bath, preparing your skin for bed at night with a skincare routine can be a daily stress-reliever.

Personally, the self-care experience begins when I am shopping for skincare products. I find joy in the aesthetics of skincare packaging, the aroma of various products, and the thought of knowing my skin will feel great and look great.

The next step is, of course, taking pretty photos of what you’ve just bought! It might be a millennial thing, but as a social media content creator, I can’t help but take hundreds of photos before using a new product, or in the context of food, we say "camera eats first.”

Finally the application of the products, where the magic all begins. I always like to start my skincare routine right before bed, and more extensively on Friday nights. With my favorite songs playing, I start by taking off my make-up with an oil cleanser. Then I dry my face and double cleanse with a gel cleanser to make sure all the dirt and pollution brushed upon your face, especially in New York City, washes off. Then I head back to my room and do the rest of my skincare routine in bed, laying comfortably. I gently pat on a toner, letting it gradually absorb into my skin, and you can feel your skin tightening and the skin’s elasticity improving. Next I’d either put on a cold sheet mask for 20 minutes or opt to apply essence and a night cream to finish my nighttime skincare routine. While applying essence, ampoule, moisturizer and night creams, feel free to massage the structure of your face, releasing all the tension, even down to your neck. Anything that makes you feel good can be considered self-care. Enjoying the process of watching your skin clear up and the way it positively changes your mood and confidence on a day-to-day basis is the epitome of self-care.


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