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Stressed about your skin? You are not alone.

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Stressed about your skin?

“What kind of skin do you have?”

Sometimes, that question alone stresses me out. Throughout my life, I always suffered from some kind of conditional problems with my skin. Since the day I was born, I was diagnosed with eczema from head to toe. It was very severe until I graduated high school – always red, inflamed, and scarring. Meanwhile, all the growing adolescent hormones, ugh. Not the best combination for my self-esteem. Right when I got into college (when I thought I was done with all the crazy hormonal activities), I started to get pimples on my face. And now, it is full adult acne. My face is constantly struggling between dry cheeks and oily forehead and chin, with whiteheads, blackheads, and cystic acne. Also to mention, I still have occasional breakouts of eczema. And I can’t exclude out work stress. Coffee has been very supportive to overcome these hours. However, I’ve been very busy with my social life around the holidays, so I wasn’t acing with the lifestyle goals to eat healthy meals and to avoid drinking alcohol. They probably all factor into my deteriorating troublesome skin as well. Every night when I cleanse, and every morning before I cover my skin with the makeup, I have a moment of high peak of stress and self- doubt. Isn’t it so easy to come to the conclusion that your life is falling apart, just by the glance of your skin?

If you guys haven’t figured it out yet, I work in the beauty industry. I’m always surrounded by cosmetic marketing techniques with promises of the magic item that will cure all my skin troubles. Sometimes, many of them look like a genie in a bottle. Rub, rub, rub, and poof, maybe this product will grant my wish of clear skin. In all honesty, that one item of your interest really can be the missing piece in your vanity. But! Because there are so many products out there, and many more waiting to break out into the market, it tends to feel overwhelming at times. So, how do you know? How do you not get stressed out from the thousands of choices? Why do I have to be stressed out from the fact that I’m already stressing out about my skin? Stressing about stresses that were caused by stresses. Oh, the mental life of an emotional, extroverted introvert girl. It takes just few moments to have a full breakout, yet it takes months and maybe years to recover all the damages to your skin. I don’t want to sound pessimistic. Nevertheless, it is the truth.

Why am I mentioning all this? Why am I not just leading you to the products? Because…really…a lot of your skin recoveries has to do more than just the merchandises. It also depends on your motivation, effort, commitment, and knowledge. I work hard every day, and take the time to write these blogs so that you can understand my experience, and feel even a drop of relief or comfort or faith to make that decision to try a product. Because, your skin will change. It can be the weather. It can be because of age. It can be the sun. It can be the stress. It can be the water. It can be the food. You get the idea. Skin can change due to countless number of reasons. Therefore, you will be trying a lot of different skincare products. Optimistically speaking, you will be able to find your steps and learn more about your skin through our curations and blog reviews. Our team really works with determination to curate and discover “your” product (and also mine lol – but seriously, truth).

There are some tips and advices from my experiences at my lows.

1. Know that your skin will change.

It may have changed for the worse now, but it will change for the better.

Stressed about your skin?

2. Relax.

Skincare is crucial. But, so is your mood. Have some tea. Maybe, some scented candles? I love the aroma. It really helps me to calm down after a long day.

Stressed about your skin?

3. Sleep well.

I absolutely adore the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask. It warms up and soothes my eyes – the eyes that stares at the computer screens and smart phones, all day. Seriously, this steam eye mask is…perfection. I NEED this when I sleep.

Stressed about your skin?

Megurhythm Eye Steam Mask

4. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize!

You can drink more water. You can put on more of the moisturizing serums and creams. You can try ‘one sheet a day.’  You can routinely spray mists throughout the day. My current favorite is Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Mist. The spray is very fine, so it doesn’t clump on top of my makeup, too!

Stressed about your skin?

5. Understand the risks and accept it.

Trying new products may scare you. You should know that there can be a chance of breaking you out, but there is a higher chance that it would help you. All skincare products were researched, tested, and made to improve your life. It will teach you which substances to avoid, and which substances to include in your skincare routine.

Stressed about your skin?

6. Stop comparing.

Comparing your tired skin with someone else’s perfect complexion won’t help. I find this step to be the most difficult. But, as you own your skin, it will teach you and direct you to the right path.

Stressed about your skin?

Did we share some of the same feelings and struggle?

I know I’m not alone with these problems. Although, I am struggling right now, I know my skin will improve. Crossing my fingers and hoping my new tests of products will not disappoint – currently trying out Skinfood Royal Honey Line.

Stressed about your skin?

Skinfood Royal Honey Line

Have fun. Don’t be a troubled-skin- obsessive monster, but become a healthy beauty enthusiast (since we are here, why not, K-beauty lol).

Take care,
Jae Kim

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