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The Cleanser Everyone and Their Mothers are OBSESSED with - M Review 83

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The Cleanser Everyone and Their Mothers are OBSESSED with - M Review 83

Huangjisoo Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser thumbnail - M Review 83

Whenever I get asked about ways to keep someone’s skin healthy I ask back two questions: “Do you wear sunscreen?” and “How’s your cleansing routine like?”. Those two steps right there can totally change the way you do skincare, and believe me, results will be seen as soon as you find the right answers for you.

Thing is, with cleansers majority of the people tend to think the stronger the better. There’s this myth going around that as long as your face feels like a mummy right after you cleanse then it’s working. Oh my, I feel like crying everytime I hear that. The common belief is that, if you’re on the oily/acne prone skin side you should try to get rid of all sebum and oils on your skin and that will get rid of all your skin problems. WRONG! Stripping our skin away from its natural oils will only cause the opposite effect: for our skin to generate even more oil in order to balance out the lack of it, AKA, we’re making the problem worst.

For the same reason I always try to guide people to try moisturizing cleansers, those with the right pH (between 4.5 and 5.5), foamy but not bubbly and of course with ingredients that will help your skin stay hydrated all day long! A couple of months ago I saw everyone on Instagram raving over these new cleansers and got so curious, basically because I didn’t read a single bad review, so I had to put my hands on it and my skin to the test.

I’m talking about HuangJiSoo, the brand that seems to be taking over skincare routines by storm! As my skin tends to get dehydrated I went on and tried the Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser on its moisturizing version, and Oh, boy… now I understand why it’s so popular.


Huangjisoo Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser foam - M Review 83

First things first, this cleanser is formulated 99.5% with pure botanical ingredients, which, believe it or not, it’s a HUGE accomplishment in the beauty industry. As it is vegan, cruelty free, dermatologically tested and carries an EWG Verification, this cleanser is safe to use even for those with super sensitive skin. Containing ingredients such as mulberry extract, wheat seed extract, chamomile, and grape seed, this formula helps protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier while soothing, hydrating and nourishing our complexion, AKA, a real life savior for those who - like me - tend to get dehydrated skin very easily. But that’s not it! This super gentle foam cleanser also features oatmeal, which maintains oil and moisture balance on our skin.

Huangjisoo Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser makeup - M Review 83Huangjisoo Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser makeup erased - M Review 83Huangjisoo Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser after - M Review 83

I personally feel like this is the perfect cleanser for those looking for a everyday option that’s not gonna affect their hydration levels or mess with combination/sensitive skin. While it really works for everyone, those who suffer from dry patches, redness, acne prone or sensitive skin can make amazing use of this formula, as it will prepare your skin to receive and absorb all the rest of your skincare routine.

In terms of it being a morning or nighttime cleanser, I rather using it during nighttime after my oil cleanser, as it leaves my skin plump and ready for a good night's sleep.

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