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Tips for Cleansing Part 2

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Hey, Hey, I'm Suzi !!! I am back again!!!!!

Today I want to talk about cleansing - the basic of the basic. BTW, this is my personal opinion and tips, so please don't misunderstand my posting as medical advice. Anyway I change the way that I wash my face recently and it made my skin much better, so I want to share with you, guys. *I wear make-up daily. If you don't, you can simply skip the make-up cleansing step.*


My first advice is that WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST. I was not really thinking about this, but many experts recommend washing hands before cleansing your face. I mean, we all know hands are the dirtiest part of our body. We don't want to rub bacteria into our face, right?


If you have empty bottle of top-coat mascara, you can put lip & eye make-up remover in there. So you can soak mascara brush into remover and apply on the top of eyelashes. Then put good amount of make-up remover In cotton pad, and you can wipe your eye make-up off very easily.


BUT! BUT! sometimes you may have some make up left on your outer eyes. In that case, you roll a little bit of cotton ball in the Q-tips. So you can make MEGA size of Q-tips, so you can easily remove make up on outer eyes.


So finally for the cleansing!! Actually there are many different type of cleansers, Gel / foam / Oil / Balm and so on. Cleansing gel & foam are generally really refreshing, so It is good for oily skin. Cleansing oil and balm is a bit thick, oily textured I think they are better choice for dry skin. If you have acne prone skin just like me, I recommend foam type. We should use nickel size amount, without too much pressure on your fingers, and use circular motion. 


Make up residue and dirt can easily hide under our fine facial hair. So to get rid of them, we should use down to up ,in to out circular motion as well. (It is counter intuitive as well right?) As we all know, hot water or cold water may be irritating, so use room temperature water.


Some of Korean experts recommend wearing sheet mask right after the cleansing.  They said if you wear masks after cleansing, it absorbs much better. If you don't have time for doing that, soak your cotton pads with saline water, and leave them on your face for 2~3 min. This will make your skin much more moisturized. 


So, with proper facial cleansing, let's make healthy & dewy & glowing skin together!!

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