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TOP Korean Beauty Influencers You Should Be Watching - M Tips 101

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The number of beauty influencers out on social media these days has grown substantially over the past decade. YouTube has been the stepping stone for many aspiring beauty influencers to create unique and informative content. Now that the beauty community can stay connected all around the world, it’s easy to find out the latest trends and products from beauty gurus in all different parts of the world. The wave of K-Beauty in recent years has brought some iconic beauty influencers to the front front of YouTube and other social media platforms. Here’s an introduction to some of the most popular Korean beauty influencers that have audiences from all over the world.

Let’s take a look at the TOP 5 Korean Beauty Influencers on YouTube: 

5. Daddoa (1.25 million subscribers) 

Daddoa Beauty Influencer - M Tips 101


Daddoa is known for her makeup, fashion, and travel videos on YouTube. Her beauty tutorials are usually everyday, wearable makeup looks that show off natural beauty for every season and occasion. She also offers skincare and hair tips as well as advice on traveling.

4. lamuqe  (1.41 million subscribers)

Lamuge Beauty Influencer - M Tips 101


Lamuqe is known for her youthful and flawlessly smooth skin, even without makeup! Her beauty tutorials revolve a curated skincare routine that creates the most ideal canvas for any makeup look that will fit the ocassion. Lamuqe's videos are a complete head-to-toe beauty guide that also covers topics such as hair and fashion! 

3. Ssin (1.62 million subscribers)

Ssin Beauty Influencer - M Tips 101


SSIN draws inspiration for her dramatic makeup by anime and K-pop idols as she was once a cosplayer prior to starting a carreer in YouTube. She can recreate looks of cartoon characters like Elsa from Frozen or male K-pop idols such as T.O.P. from Big Bang. Her artistry has no boundaries as she can also create makeup looks based on animals and creatures - perfect for Halloween season. Her beauty product reviews are also wholeheartedly honest and she doesn't hold back the criticism when necessary. 

2. Risabae (2.14 million subscribers)

Risabae Beauty Influencer - M Tips 101


Risabae is known for recreating celebrity beauty looks, once being a former makeup artist to K-pop girl groups like AOA and EXID. Her tutorials are super in-depth and detailed so that beginners can easily follow along. K-Beauty beginners can easily learn the basics once watching her videos. Risabae also produces content that can help viewers enhance one's natural beauty and offer tips for those who seek to perfect their everyday look.

Pony (4.9 million subscribers)

 Pony Beauty Influencer - M Tips 101

THE Beauty Guru of Korea has over 4 million subscribers and has such a huge global following. Being the makeup artist to CL of 2NE1, PONY is known for her glamorous looks that isn't afraid of bold colors and intricatre details. PONY has also launched her own beauty line called "Pony Effect" which features a range of makeup products to play and recreate looks inspired by PONY herself. She is the TOP Beauty Influencer in Korea and has made a global sensation and a leader in the K-Beauty wave that we are all currently finding ourselves in. 

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