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How to Track Your Domestic and International Package

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Online shopping, for most of us, is a fun and stress-relieving activity. Filling up your shopping cart, checking out, and the anticipation of your package arriving is the best part. However, tracking a package can seemingly be tricky if not done correctly. Orders within the U.S, domestic orders, can easily be tracked; international orders on the other hand requires a few more steps.

Step 1: 

First, you want to begin by logging into your account. Go to ‘My Orders’ on the left sidebar, and click ‘Track your order’.


Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom of our homepage,, and click on 'Order Tracking'. Provide your e-mail address and Order # to skip the above step. This is generally for orders without a registered account.

Order Tracking

Step 2:

A new window will open with your tracking number, carrier, and the ‘tracking link’ which you will click.

Tracking Link

Step 3:

Once you’ve clicked on the hyperlink, you will be brought to this page where you’ll have access to tracking history provided by DHL. DHL picks up your package and either delivers it directly, drops it off for USPS to deliver, or drops it off for UPS to deliver.

For DOMESTIC orders, click ‘Delivery by ____’ to receive further tracking information.

Tracking Information

Here you will see USPS or UPS tracking information, depending on which carrier delivers your package. 

Tracking History

Step 4 (International ONLY):

For INTERNATIONAL orders, copy the tracking number under ‘Delivered by ___ Int’l’ and paste it onto the website This is an inclusive package tracking platform that collects information from 170+ postal carriers to locate your package.

International Tracking

17TRACK Tracking Information

Tracking information is only available when picked up and scanned by the carrier (USPS, UPS, DHL). Following these steps will help you track where your package is and its expected delivery date. For international orders, expect it to take 5-17 days because of customs or delays.

Hope you found this blog informative and helpful!

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