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Using the G9SKIN Self Aesthetic Series: Keeping my Hands and Lips Hydrated All Winter Long - M Review 61

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Using the G9SKIN Self Aesthetic Series: Keeping my Hands and Lips Hydrated All Winter Long - M Review 61

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Yes, I'm a skincare junkie and have never denied it, but up to a few years ago, whenever I heard the term skincare I only thought about the things you use on your face, but what about the rest of the body? We're all covered in skin, yet we throw some moisturizer on our hands, legs, and arms and we call it a day while we do multiple-step routines for our faces.

For that same reason I started investigating a little more about things I could do and products I could use in order to keep my skin healthy all over my body, and that's how I landed on body sheet masks. No, this is not a single sheet mask you just slip on (although how cool would that be?) but a variety of different shapes you use for different parts of your body like your feet, your hands, your lips, and even your stomach or knees.

During winter time, there's two types I go back to on the regular: hands and lips ones. Constantly exposed to the cold, these two parts of my body tend to get too dry for my liking; hence why I need a little extra help besides lip balms and hand creams. On the search for the best ones out there, I discovered G9SKIN, a brand using natural extracts and high-end technology to bring moisture back to our lives in an easy and fast way.

M Review 61 - G9SKIN Self Aesthetic Lip Mask

[G9SKIN] Self Aesthetic Rose Hydrogel Lip Patch

Raise your hand if you re-apply lip balm at least 10 times a day, every day (I'm raising mine for sure). While there's no real way to stop doing it, hydrogel lip patches can be really helpful to get rid of texture, stains and dryness. This one in particular is formulated with Rose Water extract, which contains vitamin E and 20 times more vitamin C than a single lemon. Cool, right? But that's not it! In the formula you'll also find honeyextract, hydrolyzedcollagen, and hyaluronic acid - all ingredients that help boost and retain moisture on your lips.

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The best thing is how easy to use they are. You just wash your face as you always do and right after applying toner just remove the film covering the patch and place it over your lips. Now you can pick a book or a show and relax for the next 20-30 minutes while the patch works its magic. After time is up, you'll remove the patch and gently pat your lips so all the good stuff absorbs into them and voilá! Healthy, plump lips are back.

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M Review 61 - G9SKIN Self Aesthetic Hand Mask

[G9SKIN] Self Aesthetic Rose Hydrogel Lip Patch

Did you know you can learn about your health status depending on how your nails look? Yep, nails can show us many things about our bodies, like anemia, blood pressure, malnutrition, iron deficiency, arthritis and more. A way of keeping both our nails and hands healthy is by taking care of how hydrated they are, and a good way to do so is through hand mask.

M Review 61 - G9SKIN Self Aesthetic Hand Mask Try On

If you've never tried hand masks before, believe me, you'll get obsessed after trying your first one. If you've tried them already then you know exactly what I'm talking about here. Hand masks can be life saviors on those super cold days when your skin feels like it lost every little bit of moisture. These ones in particular contain five types of different vegetable oils such as avocado, jojoba seed, olive, coconut and argan tree plus urea, and shea butter. They all come together to nourish the skin on your hands and keep them moist all season long.

M Review 61 - G9SKIN Self Aesthetic Hand Mask After

I love to use them at night time, when I know I don't need to rush. While it's probably better to just relax and get away from your phone, these ones are screen-friendly, so you can wear them and use your phone at the same time. They're super easy to use: you first wash your hands and dry them up, then take the glove-like masks and place them on your hands to then fasten the wrists with the sticker you'll see attached. This will keep all the moisture in and prevent the mask from leaking. Finally, after around 20 minutes just remove the gloves and pat your hands so everything sinks in. And that my friends is how you keep your hands smooth, soft and plump all winter long.

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