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We Tried the 4 Most Famous Gold Masks - Review M22

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Hey M-Friends! :D It's Tina :)

This is my first entry in 2017. Hope you all have been having a great year so far~

Lately, I've been fond with adding gold accents to my fashion whether it would be in my nails, on my shoes, on my bag, in my accessories..I find the gold to add a nice touch to the simplicity of how I usually like to dress. And of course, using gold for skin care is truely amazing as well. Traces of gold usage go way back in time, literally to the time of the ancients, and if gold goes this way back, there must be something gold about it hehe.

I looked up benefits of gold for skin care, and look what I found. Gold used on the skin can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and spots; enhance the complexion; slow down collagen (responsible for giving firm skin) depletion ; treat sun damage; increase the elasticity of the skin; and all in all, it can lead to you having healthy, glowing, youthful skin. So, I have some famous k-beauty gold sheet masks I've been using.

Gold Sheet Mask 1: AHC Premium Hydra Gold Foil Mask

 AHC Premium Hydra Gold Foil Mask


This specific gold sheet mask from AHC is highly recommended by Min (our very own sunglasses guy). He says he personally looooooooves this one. He really wants his M-Friends to know about this Premium Hydra Gold Foil sheet mask because this one's different from other usual masks.


<This mesh sheet helps the mask to not stick to each other. Take it off from the mask before putting it on your face tho!>

Usually, you use a sheet mask for average 20 minutes, and yes, the directions for this gold sheet mask suggest you to take it off after 20 minutes as well. However, this gold sheet mask has the magic of not drying out. While usual masks slowly dry out after approximately 20 minutes and start sucking moisture out from your skin, Min was able to keep this gold sheet mask on for like an HOUR, and it was STILL MOISTURIZING. He says it felt so nice he didn't want to take it off haha.

Premium-Hydra-Gold-Foil-Mask-MIN Premium-Hydra-Gold-Foil-Mask-MIN2


Gold Sheet Mask 2: Elizavecca Milky Piggy 24 Gold Kangsi Pack

So, this is what it looks like:


Just for you guys who don't know what "Kangsi" means, it means a frozen corpse. I personally don't find the name of this wash-off pack from Elizavecca that appealing, but the cute packaging does make up for it. It'll make more sense why this pack is called the Kangsi Pack in a bit hehe.


Start with a CLEAN canvas(cleansed and toned), and when you're ready squeeze some of this gold goodness onto your fingers, and rub it softly all over to cover your face. You'll find your face all gold and subtly glittery smelling pretty friggen nice. You're going to be leaving this pack on for about 20 minutes before you wash it off.


Shortly, you are going to start feeling this pack stiffening up on your face, and changing in color.



20min later...


BAM! Yeap, this is the "Kangsi" part. You slowly start looking like a "Kangsi" cause your face starts turning white from a glittery gold complexion. Just wait for your skin to be reborn~~~

Wash off the pack (it comes off very smoothly). It doesn't hurt at all if you worried that it might hurt in the slightest bit taking the stiffened pack off. Once you starting washing your face, the pack melts away. When I got the pack all off, I found my skin softer than ever!! I literally said, "Oh.. Em.. Gee" I woke up the next morning to find my skin plump, moisturized, and so soft. I felt so good putting on my basic skin care products and makeup this morning. I always feel so great when my skin feels great :3


Likes: This pack gives you great results. Thumbs up! Maybe fun to do together with friends?

Dislikes: This pack wouldn't be my go-to when I'm feeling lazy and tired because I have to wash my face thoroughly after applying. I'm not a big fan of the glitter but it does easily wash off.


 Gold Sheet Mask 3: Papa Recipe Bombee Rose Gold Honey Mask Pack

 m3.rose gold mask

I am pretty sure that many of our M-friends are aware of Bombee Honey, Black Honey, and Whitening Honey Masks. So, Papa Recipe, this lovely brand has extended the variation of it's famous Honey Mask line to Rose Gold HoneyThis is a cotton facial sheet mask in one piece, and it looks pretty cool. 

Check it out.


Can you see the gold honeycomb pattern on the mask? It made me feel like my skin was in the process of morphing into something better and refreshed. By the way, I can not mention that I absolutely LOVED how this one smells. It might be just a personal preference but I love how this gold sheet mask smells. It was just so nice and relaxing.


Results: After use of this gold sheet mask, my skin felt hydrated and looked brighter.

Final Thought: Satisfied. I like the packaging, I like how it looks, I like how the cotton felt on my face, I like how it was stuck on my face well enough so I could walk around if I had to, I like how it smells, I like that it does its job. Will use again. Will add to my personal collection of favorite sheet masks.


Gold Sheet Mask 4: NEOGEN Code9 Gold Veil Hydrogel Mask

Last but not least, I tried this gold sheet mask:


I personally have mixed feelings about this one. Maybe I had high expectations of this gold sheet mask because of its glamorous packaging that reminded me of Cleopatra. Did you know she was rumored to have used gold facial masks to preserve her surreal beauty and flawless complexion? Maybe because I had her in mind, I thought this gold veil hydro gel mask would be more gold, shimmery, glittery, shiny, bling bling, bang bang but I was a little disappointed that this Gold Veil Hydrogel Mask from NEOGEN Code 9 was rather a simple looking gold (close to nude in some lightings) hydro gel mask.


Rewinding back a little bit though, when I ripped the packaging to take this Gold Veil Hydro Gel Mask mask out, I was impressed by how the mask was found in between another plastic flap inside the bag and not just let loose in the bag. This Neogen Code 9's hydro gel mask is, I think, on the thinner side so be careful as you take it out, remove the plastic coverings, and place it on your face. I ripped a little of the edges trying to adjust it correctly on my face cause of my nails.

Gold Veil Hydro Gel Mask definitely has a cooling effect which I like because my cheeks are naturally and usually rosy, and it felt nice. On the down side, I FELT like it was drying out quicker than I expected, and about 10 minutes into keeping the mask on, I started feeling some tingles on my face. My skin might have been reacting to some kind of ingredient in this mask but I didn't find a bigger reaction afterwards.

I took it off soon enough, and when I looked in the bag to see if there was any leftover essence to apply on my face, there really wasn't anything left. Instead, I just put on some moisturizer on top and hopped into bed.

Overall, as I lied in bed, I was trying to make up my mind on how I felt about this gold sheet mask, and I came to a conclusion that I didn't love it. Regardless, one thing for sure after using this mask is that my skin did feel pampered and refreshed which reminds me that sheet masks in general are practical luxuries period. Results were good, I just didn't FULLY enjoy the whole process.

As a wrap up to this Gold Sheet Mask Series, dryness of skin can lead to its premature aging but the use of gold on your skin can reduce the dryness. Therefore, I'd like to recommend you guys, especially those like me who stress over dry skin, to try glamorous gold sheet masks. You guys just might discover another sheet mask you'd like to add to your collection like I did :) Stay healthy, beautiful, and glowing till next time!

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