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AHC The Pure Real Eye Cream For Face - Review M23

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The ironical name, superb textureAHC The Pure Real Eye Cream For Face

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Maybe how AHC named this product, the Pure Real Eye Cream for Face sounds ironical, but it is true, many Korean actresses recommend us to use eye cream for entire face for optimal moisturizing effect. Since eye cream is the most concentrated skincare product in any cosmetic line, it is somehow understandable especially if you have dry skin or living in a dry and harsh environment such as heater, air conditioner and dry weather. So this AHC’s “odd” eye cream for face, for whole face, is one of the most popular anti-aging products in Korea for past few years in home-shopping channels and Korean multi-brand stores such as Olive Young.

Let’s take look on this interesting product then.



AHC's concentrated Pure Real Eye Cream for Face is made with 91% of naturally driven ingredients such as rice bran extract and coconut water. Meadow foam seed oil and camellia extract is also placed in ingredients’ list relatively early, strengthening the moisturizing property of this cream. It melts into skin very nicely because of the optimal composition of hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules. As their claim, the first half of hundreds of ingredients are made with naturally driven extract, coconut water and naturally driven oils except cyclopentaxiosane. It is totally understandable for AHC to put this molecule in this Pure Real Eye Cream since they need some sort of emollient to maintain the texture, so I could see how hard they tried to balance the texture and ingredient. 17 peptide complexes are added to promote firming and skin elasticity such as Pamitoyl peptide family (hexa peptide-7, tripeptide-7, pentapeptide-4, etc) and acetyl hexapeptide- 8, also known as “botox-peptide.” They claim that Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge extract will improve pigmentations but since it lacks scientific verification, I will pass on this. Ceramide NP and sodium hyaluronate are also added even though it is not considerable amount.



Rich, nutritious rice extract deeply hydrates your skin. Interesting part of AHC's Pure Real Eye Cream for Face is even though it is optimally rich cream, it absorbs really quick so I think normal to dry skin people may use this without much problem. Amazing thing about this cream is that AHC did not use any silicone based moisturizer in this cream while maintaining easily spreadable texture. So, if you have dry skin with irregular acne breakout, you may try this cream with careful application (because it does contain lots of oil nautral oil.) I really highly admire their effort to make this optimally balanced cream, without adding much surfactant and silicone based moisturizers. (I am not against silicone based moisturizer but still, it is really amazing that they made this texture without using them.)

PROS: Excellent anti-aging moisturizer for normal to dry skin
CONS: Maybe a little rich for summer and oily skin
IDEAS: Blend it with oil and use it as a sleeping mask :)

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