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What is Daily Mask Challenge (1 Day 1 Mask?)

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Unlike many of other my postings, this posting will be highly unscientific. There are absolutely no reliable researches on this 1 day 1 sheet mask challenge. So the article will be written from my experience, some news articles of dermatologists and stories from my friends.



If anyone asks me to pick up the most iconic type of product in K-Beauty business, I will definitely pick up the sheet masks. The famous Korean skincare regime may be a new thing, but actually the toner to cream regime is originated from the classical, luxury French cosmetic brands. Just, Korean people followed it religiously and it became a Korean thing. But mask sheet is different. From the 1$ road shop sheet masks to 230$ sleeping mask from Amore Pacific, Korean sheet masks are various, unique and popular.


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A famous Chinese actress Bingbing Fan is reportedly fan of sheet masks. From the interviewes with a TV shows and multiple magazines, she said she uses 700 sheet masks a year. The Korean celebrity make-up artist Woo Hyun Jeung said she always let her celebrity clients to wear mask sheet before the she put makeup on them. With the rave recommendations from Korean celebrities, many people are interested in monthly or weekly 1 day 1 sheet mask challenge (1일 1팩 도전기). Honestly speaking, many of our staffs in are also somehow already doing 1 day 1 mask (I will use 1D1M below.)


So, What's is the sheet mask and why?

So, let's talk about the science a little bit. Why do we feel much more moisturized after you use sheet mask than just using serum or emulsion? To explain this, we have to think about the concept of osmosis. Our skin (especially epidermis) is substantially less moisturized than sheet masks. Our skin is practically is semi-permeable membrane and moisture will be absorbed into our skin along with other active ingredients. In other words, the water particle will move from wet sheet to dry skin. More importantly, the sheet mask substantially increases the contact time of ingredients to your skin. Unlike normal types of skincare products, mask sheets are in contact with your skin for 10 to 45 min. So, the ingredients are delivered for the longer period of time than normal skincare products.

But let's think about the other way around. Better absorption and longer exposure time only applies to the good, beneficial ingredients? Unfortunately No. the sheet masks deliver preservatives, allergens, surfactants and fragrances for longer periods of time as well. So we have to be absolutely careful with ingredients in the sheet masks.


So now, 1D1M (1 Day 1 Mask sheet Challenge)

So ,1 day 1 mask sheet is use to sheet masks for extended period of time (generally 7 days to 1 month) in serum/essence step in your evening skincare routine.

The well known Dermatologist Dr. Lee Seung Jae (CU Clean Up Dermatology) said 1D1M may help. Sheet masks effectively moisturize skin and conveniently supply beneficial ingredients to skin, so 1D1M will condition your skin in relatively short time.

I also think it is a good way of providing a type of intensive home care. Especially during the KCon 2016, I was constantly exposed to the sun and got my skin burned. 7 day of hydration, snail and tea tree 1D1M soothed and recovered my skin noticeably faster than normal skincare.


Summer Sunburn Recovery Kit

Some people recommend using the same sheet mask for 28 to 40 days along with the desquamation process. Our skins naturally exfoliate/sheds off dead skin cell. Generally this process takes 28 to 38 days and the new skin is made from the deepest layer in Epidermis - stratum germinativum. Some of active ingredients (Vitamin A and its derivatives, niacinamide and adenosine) up-regulate this desquamation process through different kinds of mechanism, so your skin regenerate somehow fasters if we supply these ingredients constantly.

So, why do we have to use same sheet masks along with the desquamation process? I really don't know. As long as they have same active ingredients, it won't matter. Furthermore, in my humble opinion, long-term exposure of to those active ingredients may be irritating for some people. So when you go on your 1D1M challenge for brightening or anti-aging, carefully observe your skin. If you see any sign of break out, stop it right away.

So, my tips are...

1.     So if you are new to 1D1M, begin with light textured hydration masks. Especially, if you have sensitive skin, try to avoid masks with high concentration of active ingredients.

2.     If you have acne prone skin, be extra careful. Try to avoid sheet masks with a lot of silicon or oil based moisturizing agents. Begin with light textured tea tree masks or pore clearing sheet masks.

3.     If you have normal or dry skin, use rich textured cream after you finish your sheet mask. It will lock up the moisture in your skin for longer.

1D1M Challenge Recommendation

1.     Surmedic Hydro-hyaluronic (For hydration)

 This reasonably priced (1$) hydration mask leaves your skin moisturized for extended time without bleeding your wallet. The moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid and trehalose deeply hydrate your skin.

2.      Leaders Snail Therapy Ampoule Mask (Recovery)

This revitalizing, recovery mask quickly recovers your irritated skin to the normal condition. You can keep add the serum on the mask from the tube.

3.     Leaders Illuminating treatment mask ( Brightening)

The sheet material feel really soft on skin. Hyaluronic acid and betaine leaves dewy glow after you use it, and niacinamide brighten up your skin complexity.

4.     Jayjun Collagen Skin fit mask (Anti-aging)

Niacinamide, adenosine and ceramide trio revitalize your skin and makes your skin visible tightened and firmer. Since this mask has multiple active ingredients, observe your skin carefully if you are new to 1D1M challenge. If your skin feels comfortable, it is a great anti-aging mask for 1D1M.   

5.     Party Time Kit

If you have a dull, puffy skin after the excessive party, try our popular after-party recovery kit. It will quickly recondition your skin for new week. 


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