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I Hate you PORE !!!! Clear Pores & Save Our Skin

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Hey, M-Friends. It's Suzi again. How are you spending this humid & hot summer?

Well, even though it's hot and humid, it's still the party time, right? We have parties, festivals, vacations and camping plans to all over. So nowadays people go to river, beach and spend several days and come back. For me as well, I've been partying away all the time. You know, parties are always full of alcohol. Awww, I think I parted too hard. Excessive parties made my skin so dull and our worst enemy!!! enlarged pores!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ewwww .


So, I will do my "clear my pores and save my skin" routine.

let's do It together If you were party girl last week. Lol


1. Knock, Knock - Are you there blackheads? 

I generally put damp towels into microwave, and make the steam towel. Of course if you are diligent enough you may boil the water, soak your towel, remove excessive water then use it. Put the warm steam towel on your skin for 5 to 10 min. This simple process will unclog your pore. I know it's annoying but you know, I want invest some time for my skin.  


2. Actually remove unwanted sebum & impurities.

 We have lots of pore brushes available from various brands. I generally use small one for my nose. Put a little bit of foam cleanser, make bubble and cleanse out your pores.

(BTW, dirty pore brushes will cause break out. So, always remember to clean the pore brush before and after you use.)


3. Extraction, Ah?

 Rather than blindly extract the blackheads, we have more sophisticated one. Leaders Black Out Clear 3 Step Kit contains blackhead melting gel. This fluid removes sebum and blackhead softly but clearly. It is not very irritating, so it's good for the people with sensitive skin. But you know what? I have pretty strong skin, lol. I feel sadistic pleasure when I see flakes of dead skin and blackheads in my peel-off type sheet mask.

For the people like me, try Skinfood's Egg White Pack Peel Off Nose Pack or Cha Lab Pore Clear Mask. Egg white peel off nose pack contains egg white extract, and it will snatch blackheads and extract them out when you peel off. Before you use, put generous amount of water on your nose and put your mask. Be careful with bubble and wrinkles. When it hardened, take it off from the side.

I PERSONALLY prefer Cha Lab Pore clear mask. This is not only for the nose but for the whole face. It will remove make up residue, micro dirt, dead skin and sebum all at the same time. You should completely dry up your skin after you wash your face. When the sheet is completely dry up, take It off from the side. They said this sheet has anti-aging function as well. So, just try them out if you like :)


4. Bubble it up, Carbonic acid Pack

Well, you can skip this part but if you are a pore perfectionist like me, you will need this. So, if you extract them out well, that does not mean your pore Is completely clean now. Probably, you will have small residues inside of your pore. Eww, I hate it. But try Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling mask. Interestingly, this sheet mask will make bubble after 5 to 10 min. Those micro-bubbles finally cleanse out your most stubborn blackheads roots.


5. The Must, hydration

Now you can see your pores are clean from your eyes and hands. But you know all of above steps will irritate your skin somehow. So, use soothing gel or moisturizing cream. I like Code 9's Black Volume Cream. I generally use this for winter but I want to quench my skin today :) You may use your hydration cream from any brand.

So, let's take care of our skin well. Today this is all I prepare. See you next time. 

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