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What is Douyin Makeup? Tips, Tricks & More!

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Douyin makeup is a highly popular Chinese makeup style that has entered mainstream media through TikTok! It consists of enhancing your natural features to give off a more youthful, soft, and doll-like appearance! The Douyin makeup look is loved by IVE's Jang Won-young, beauty Youtuber Jessica Vu, as well as popular Chinese celebrities such as Esther Yu and Nana Ou-Yang! Some key characteristics of this viral makeup style include a clean, flawless, and pore-less base, statement eye look with a pop of glitter, prominent contour and blush, aeygo-sal, and a pouty lip! 

Porcelain Base

One of the most important aspects of Douyin makeup is having flawless and glowing porcelain skin! The base has to be clean and perfect with no imperfections so the overall makeup look won't look "dirty", taking away attention from your other features such as your eyes, nose, or lips! Most of the time, the base has a semi-matte or matte finish. This step helps to blur out your pores so they look invisible!


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Big Doll Eyes

Chinese beauty trends are all about looking more youthful and big round eyes make you look young and innocent! So go big or go home! For the eyeshadow base, use a soft natural color whether its shades of brown or pink. You can add more depth by adding a darker shade to the outer corner and inner corner of your eyelids. Always add a little bit at a time because you want the overall look to be natural and soft.


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For the eyeliner, you can draw it based on your personal preference whether you want a sleek and strong cat eye or a slim subtle wing. Adding shadow or emphasizing your lower lash line can also make your eyes look deeper and bigger!

For the eyebrows, fill in the sparse areas, but otherwise leave it natural and untouched! For the eyelashes, you want to accentuate volume so make sure they are curled and elongated! You can also add false eyelashes to make your eyes pop even more!

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Glitter and Aegyo-sal

Douyin makeup is all about accentuating your eyes to make it look more charming! They use "Aegyo-sal", a Korean word for baby eye fat, to make your eyes look bigger and brighter! For people with a longer face shape, this step is essential to maximize your features and minimize the empty space on your face! Adding a pop of shimmer in the center of the eyelid is also essential to make your eyes brighter and more captivating! 

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Rosy Cheeks

Blush plays an extreme role in Douyin makeup! Different shades of blushes in different areas of your face can essentially change your face shape! A lighter cool tone pink blush vertical under your pupil in the center of your face can plumpen your face, an instant Botox effect while a darker blush shade on your cheekbone can act as an additional contour effect!

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Pouty Lips

Douyin makeup essentially is a combination of various beauty techniques from all over the world. Adapting the western obsession over plump lips, Douyin makeup loves a juicy luscious lip! To achieve this, you can prep your lips by dabbing your leftover foundation residue from your sponge over the lip, diffusing the harsh line of your natural lip.

You can then apply a lip liner or tint on your cupids bow, slightly over lining it and then softening the edges. Do the same on the bottom edge of your lower lip and apply a natural pink or red lip color over your lips! Finish off with a little bit of some gloss to highlight and voila you have a pout of a porcelain doll! 

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And there you have it, the magic behind the super viral doll-inspired Douyin makeup look! Hope you all enjoyed the read!

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