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Wrinkle Patches That Actually Work by Dr. Jart - M Review 94

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Wrinkle Patches That Actually Work by Dr. Jart - M Review 94

Not gonna lie, during all these years I’ve been trying K-Beauty products, I’ve found myself testing some formulas I’ve really hated and some other I’ve loved with all of my heart. Thing is with K-beauty there’s always something new out there, and while some brands only focus on following the trends and coming out with something that looks cute but doesn't really work, other brands are really out there stepping up their game looking to improve people’s skin health for real. 

One of the most interesting products for me are skin patches. There’s a whole world of them out there. For your eyes, for your body, for your nose, for your lips, but do they all really work? Thing is, and let’s be honest here, some of them are just about the fun experience of applying a funny-looking patch, but the results last only a couple hours.
drjart_wrinkle3.jpgDr. Jart has always been a brand I’ve admired because of their passion to always be better and improve themselves, coming out with top notch formulas and using different, unique technologies in the development of their products, and when talking patches it’s no different. For a few weeks now I’ve added a very special item to my routine, Dr. Jart’s Focuspot Wrinkle Melting Patches, a spot treatment patch formulated to lift those areas of your face where skin has lost its firmness, where wrinkles are starting to show up or overall saggy areas. But this is not your regular hydrogel patch, no, no, no. This one comes in two different steps: first, a Slice Cream Firming Patch and then a Wrinkle Zone Patch. But, how are they different from one another? 
drjart_wrinkle4.jpgThe first one is basically a completely dry film type cream patch that takes care of the appearance of fine lines and saggy skin. Instead of acting only on the surface, the formula melts into the skin providing a shot of hydration and intensive care that goes beyond what the eye can see.  Packed with anti-wrinkle agents 5 times more powerful than a regular firming cream, the essence on this patches truly gets the work done in only 20 minutes. On the other side, the second patch - which is considerably bigger than the first one - is the wet one, formulated with Adenosine, which helps strengthen and firm up skin while keeping hydration locked in.
Now for the fun part: how do you use them? One on top of the other one! You first apply the Cream Firming patch over your skin and then the Wrinkle Zone Patch on top of it in order to focus the incredible antioxidant power of these treasures on specific areas of your skin. You should be ready to remove the bigger patch after 15-20 minutes. You’ll know the process is over because the first patch will be completely melted into your skin, almost like a magic act, it will actually disappear!
I’ve been using these for a couple weeks now, first on my smile lines, then under my eyes and finally on my forehead. I feel like smile lines is where I see the better results. You can tell after the second time you use them how the lines on the sides of your mouth become blurry, specially easy to tell when wearing makeup, as that’s a spot I usually get cakey on because of the dryness. I would absolutely recommend these ones, especially if you’re starting to see the non-perks of aging on your skin, and while you can use them all year round, I’m positive these will be a godsend during the coldest months. 

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