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Daily Aging Preparation Essence - Review M18

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Red Ginseng and Panax Ginseng has been the most respected as the most precious herb in history. We can find many interesting references from old oriental medicine books. Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon (黄帝内经) states that Ginseng gives vitality and “energy” to the core of the body. Korean traditional medicine bible, the Principles and Practices of Eastern Medicine (東醫寶鑑) also stated Red Ginseng regenerates body energy and balance the fire energy and water energy.

Actually, Red Ginseng and Panax Ginseng’s therapeutic property is a very active research area recently. There are 3 known derivatives of Ginseng proteins (ginsenosides), and their anti- inflammatory, immune boosting, anti-oncogenic property has been widely researched. Actually, it is closely related to the skincare as well. Rh2 (one of the derivative) is known for the photo-protective property and panax ginseng condensation demonstrated suppressive result on melanogenesis.


In terms of Red Ginseng related cosmetics, Donginbi is arguably the most known brand because Donginbi’s mother company is Korean Ginseng Corporation (KGC) – the largest ginseng producer in the whole world. I have brought Donginbi’s top selling serum, - Daily Aging Preparation Essence.


First Impression

 I am really impressed this innovative package. When you tilt the bottle, the pipette button is elevated, and if you push the button, right amount of solution will be sucked into the pipette. (You can check out the video and you will know what I am talking about.) This serum, Donginbi's Daily Aging Preparation Essence is somewhat watery with low viscosity but it is definitely not the toner texture. Unfortunately, this is not completely fragrance free, seemingly because of the Panax ginseng water and other ginseng derived ingredients. I am personally okay with this sweet Ginseng smell but if this matters to you, be aware of it. This serum’s English translation is somewhat misleading since it is designed to revitalize and brighten your skin. In Korean, it is “자생원액 에센스” ,literally can be translated as “self-healing or self-revitalizing pure liquid essence.”

In this Daily Aging Preparation Essence value package, half size of Red Ginseng Concentrated Toner and Emulsion is included, so I think this package is a quite a deal if you are a fan of Donginbi.


Ingredient Check

Just like other products from Donginbi, this serum is full of red ginseng derivatives and other oriental herbs. Panax ginseng root extract and ginsenosides. Niacinamide and Adenosine is added as brightening and anti-aging factor respectively and other common moisturizer and other commonly used thickners and heavy chain alcohols. Interestingly, this product doesn’t contain phenoxyethanol. They substitute phenoxyehtanol with 1,2-hexanediol that is known moisturizing and skin-friendly preservative. It does not contain any silicone based moisturizer as well, so it is definitely less comedogenic than many other products. Some other oriental herbs are also on the list but herbology or oriental medicine is not my expertise, so I won’t discuss here. ( I am only analyzing Daily Aging Preparation Essence, not included toner and emulsion.)

After Thought

I think this Daily Aging Preparation Essence is an excellent daily serum with very luxurious ingredients. You may use an additional moisturizer if you have dry skin since it does not keep the moisture very long because it does not contain much silicone and other moisturizing agents. But it is definitely non-comedogenic and excellent antioxidant, brightening and anti-aging serum. If you have normal to oily skin, this can be a super good serum to add on your skincare regime. Some of the staffs told me that their acne and breakout is significantly reduced by this, probably from red ginseng’s anti-inflammatory property.

5_four stars

Pros: light textured, non-comedogenic, ginseng enriched luxury serum, good value package is also a plus

Cons: Sweet but someone strong smell from Red ginseng ingredients Ideas: Feather-light serum with luxury touch.

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