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M-Pick 2 : 5 Items to Quench Your Skin This Winter

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So season of dryness has come. If you live in NYC like me, probably you will know what I am talking about. The heater burns up our skin even with many humidifiers and walking on the street feels like climbing Himalaya. I personally like to use something hydrating for the second last step and lock up the hydration layer with facial oil for final. But I know, some of you just hate to use any oil containing products, so I picked up some products that can deeply hydrate your skin without much oily residues.


1. Urban Eco Harakeke Ampoule

This pipette capped, green bottled ampoule deeply hydrates your skin without much oily residue on your skin. This watery ampoule contains 92% of Harakeke extract and Harakeke seed oil with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory property. 7 other antioxidant extracts (Ginko leaf sap, broccoli, carrot, paprika, blueberry etc.) are also on the ingredient list. This ampoule is not fragrance free, so be aware of it if it concerns you.

2.face injection mask

2. Oozoo Face Injection Mask

Oozoo’s hydration mask is a decent mask for dryness. They intentionally separate vitamin powder and serum in the syringe and you can inject into the mask right before you use. I assume that they try to keep the ingredients fresher so that they can minimize unnecessary stabilizing ingredients. This mask contains good amount of moisturizing ingredients such as beta-glucan, ceramide NP and ectoin. The sheet is slightly thicker than other masks but it has excellent skin affinity.

3.Original Repair Cream

3. Elensilia’s Escargot Original Repair Cream

Snail mucus derived Glycosaminoglycan actively hydrates your skin while repairing cell damage. Glycosaminoglycan is a skin identical molecule in extra-cellular matrix, so this cream actively hydrates dryness while preventing inflammation. Escargot Original Repair Cream’s texture is watery but if you use on skin, it turns into moderately rich texture on your skin. This cream passes hydration retention test for 100 hours. So if you have dry skin but don’t like oily cream, this can be a cream for this winter.

4.Deep Moisturizing Emulsion

4. Donginbi Red Ginseng Deep Moisturizing Emulsion

This light textured emulsion is more than just a moisturizer. It is infused with red ginseng oil and red ginseng root water. It deeply hydrates your skin without much oily residue while preventing break-out because of red ginseng’s anti-inflammatory property. It smells somewhat sweet & herb-like because of the red ginseng ingredients inside. So please be aware of it, if it concerns you.

5.Bombee Honey Mask

5. Bombee Honey Mask

2016’s best selling Bombee’s Honey Mask is full of my favorite ingredients. Honey extract and propolis extract along with other hydration factors such as Trehalose, panthenol and hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates your skin This mask smells exactly like honey. The mask is somewhat thin so it has excellent skin affinity.

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