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Ingredient Focus 3. Centella Asiatica: The Miracle Plant

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1.tiger plant centella

In Korea, Centella Asiatica is called “tiger plant” because when wild tigers got scars, they tend to roll on the top of Centella Asiatica. From 2 or 3 years ago, suddenly Centella Asiatica has become one of the most popular ingredients in Korean cosmetic. Actually, there are other chemically active plant extracts that are widely used in cosmetic formula but they are generally used for additive ingredients without much meaningful biochemical activity. Until recently, Centella Asiatica was also considered only as therapeutic, remedial plant mainly used in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine. However, recent researchers have identified and purified active ingredients from Centella Asiatica that effectively repairs skin damage and promotes wound healing.

Centella Asiatica is also known as Gotu Kola, and contains 4 phyto-chemical ingredients – asiaticoside, madecassoside, Asiatic acid and madecassic acid. Generally, they can use simple Centella Asiatica extract as a base in the form of solution or use titrated extract Centella Asiatica (TECA) for more concentrated and intensive ingredient. From many researches, all 4 ingredients can stimulate protein and collagen synthesis in skin and up-regulate the fibroblast proliferation. It actively repairs damaged skin cell even in the infected cell and very effective antioxidant as well.

Because of its excellent skin-regenerative and anti-inflammatory property, Centella Asiatica is an excellent ingredient for acne-prone skin, sun-damaged skin and irritated skin from various stimuli. It has demonstrated increased collagen synthesis on topical application, it can be used as a firming cream as well.


2.Elensilia Centella Asiatica Cream

Elensilia Ecogarden Centella Asiatica 80 Refreshing Cream

80% of Centella Asiatica extract and 10,000 ppm of TECA actively repairs your skin. It also contains decent amount of niacinamide providing brightening property. Ceramide strengthens the repairing properties and and 17 antioxidant herbal complex actively removes free radical preventing oxidative damage.

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