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Skin Food Brightening Cleansing Oil - Review M19

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If someone wants me to pick the best product category in Skinfood, I will pick Cleansing products without hesitation. Skinfood has wide range and type of cleansing products for various skin type. Needless to say their famous egg pore line, mineral enriched Black sugar line and recent best seller Rice Brightening line.Today, I will do cleansing test with Rice Brightening Cleansing oil so we prepared this beautiful painting using with waterproof eyeliner, eye shadows lipstick and lip tints. For exact products information, please look at the picture below.

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First Impression

Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Oil is semi-transparent, oil type cleanser. The density is not heavy nor light and it melts into the makeup products and removes it very nicely. The Water Proof Eyeliner ( The Saem Powerproof Super Slim Eye liner) and eye shadows did get removed easily. Only liquid type eye liner (Missha’s Sharper Eyeliner) needs a little more time to remove completely. Just like many other oil type cleanser, tint pigments were not effectively removed but lipstick pigments were removed softly. For better understanding, please take a look on our video.

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Ingredient Check

Since it is oil based cleanser, it is based in mineral oil and other palmitate family. It does contain rice bran water and some other ingredients but I won't talk about these ingredients which will be all washed away after the cleansing (since this is a cleanser). It doesn’t have any particularly harmful ingredient nor the beneficial one. This is not a micellar water type cleanser, so you will need to wash your face with your foam cleanser after. Most of the K-beauty fans are familiar with this dual cleansing concept, so I don’t think it’s a problem for most of you. It is paraben free but does contain a bit of fragrance, so please be aware of it if it concerns you.

After Thought

I think it is a decent oil type cleanser, especially if you want to remove your makeup without specialized lip & eye makeup or if you used a lot of concealer, this will be a good oil type cleanser. It washes off very nicely with water or with cleansing tissue. It does leave a little bit of oily layer so if you like completely refreshed skin, you will need to wash your face with foaming cleanser. I was okay with cleansing tissue. It does not irritate eyes, so you can remove mascara with this cleanser instead of lip & eye makeup remover as well.

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One-line Review

5_four stars

PROS: Nice oil cleanser with superb cleansing ability

CONS: a little bit oily residue after use

IDEA: A well made Cleansing Oil for dry skin without extensive makeup

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