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Ingredient Focus 4. Witch Hazel

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Witch Hazel Extract is a commonly used ingredient in astringents and toners. It was used to treat some skin burns, scar and itchiness by the Indians. Nowadays, Witch Hazel is used as an anti- inflammatory compound in many different consumer products as well, normally used as therapeutic remedy in some medical conditions such as hemorrhoids and bleeding. For skin, it is used for psoriasis, eczema and insect bites. However, most of these remedial treatments lack scientific background, yet witch hazel’s beneficial effect on skin is actively researched and had good number proofs on witch hazels’ anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory property.


In Korea, Thayers Witch Hazel toner is one of the most selling toners between very well made Korean cosmetics. Generally, witch hazel that we can see in cosmetics is extracted from leaves and barks. It contains gallotannin, calcium oxalate, safrol and some flavonoids and tannin families. When they extract witch hazel, they use alcohol as solvent, so generally witch hazel extract contains alcohols. So, if you are allergic to alcohol, you should be careful when you use products containing witch hazel extract. (Even though it is quite rare, there are non-alcohol witch hazel extracts as well.)

Witch Hazel is a relatively safe ingredient, and FDA cleared witch hazel’s safety on consumer products. So it is a great substitute for ethanol for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient but if you are sensitive to alcohol, you should be careful as well. Because of its volatility, it gives very refreshing feeling after use as well.


Leaders Insolution Coconut Water / AC & Pore Care Mask

Leaders’s new coconut water gel mask for acne skin and pore care contains witch hazel extract for anti-inflammatory property. The gel mask has excellent skin affinity and witch hazel leaves refreshing finish while other active moisturizers deeply hydrate your skin.


NMF Aquaring Ampoule Mask

Arguably, NMF Aquaring is the most selling sheet mask in the whole world. Hyaluronic acid and ceramide actively hydrate your skin while witch hazel makes your skin refreshed, leaving matt yet moisturized finish.


Skinfood Bitter Green Toner & Mask

So, this multi functional toner (also can used as mask base) contains green plant complex that delivers antioxidant on your skin. Some essential oils hydrate your skin and completely calm your skin from the external stress.

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