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Most Popular / Well-made products: 2016 Korean Skincare M Award

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2016 award products

Since was launched earlier this year, we have progressed from an unknown website to a very dynamic Korean beauty company. This transition could not be done without our M-friends, so I’d like to appreciate to all of our friends. We have worked with many Korean cosmetic companies and beauty product wholesalers through various channels, and I’d like to appreciate them as well for making such amazing products with great value.

So this posting is one of the longest yet one of the most interesting postings that I have written because I’d like to talk about the most popular and well- made products of the year 2016. Excpet masks, I will pick two products for each category, one product from and the other one from the products that we do not carry. So first one will be mainly from the revenues, ingredients and customer feedback; while the other one is from ingredient analysis, social media and manufacturer & wholesaler suggestion.

So, let’s take a look :)



1. Best Hydration Sheet Mask of the Year:

Mediheal’s N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask


Mediheal’s N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask

Mediheal’s NMF Aquaring mask is probably one of the most selling sheet masks in the whole world. This moisturizing mask is enriched with triple moisturizing complex – hyaluronic acid, trehalose and allantoin. It deeply hydrates your skin while witch hazel prevents breakout and balance oil on your skin. It is a good soothing mask for daily use and also mask material is really soft as well.

Honorable mention: Oozoo Hydro Lift Mask, Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask, Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask – Hyaluronic Acid


2. Best Clearing Sheet Mask of the Year:

Code9 Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask


NEOGEN AHA bubble Mask

This black colored and convenient bubble mask is well formulated clearing mask. Most of the bubble- type clearing sheet masks are in a mud form and it should be washed off. But Neogen’s AHA bubble mask is in a sheet foam so there is no wearisome works after you finish your mask session. You can simply wash your face with lukewarm water and your skin will feel like flawlessly clean.

Honorable mention: Elizabecca Milk Piggy Carbonated Clay Mask / Holika Holika Pig Nose 3 Step Blackhead Mask


3. Best Gel Sheet Mask of the Year:

Leaders Coconut Gel Moisturizing Recovery Mask


Leaders Coconut Gel Moisturizing Recovery Mask

This gel mask is a coconut gel mask. They molded coconut juice into the mask, and it has lots of  micro-pores that hold serum and it transfers the active ingredient to your skin very effectively. It fits on your skin like a glue, so it is really comfortable during the mask sheet session. Adenosine is added as anti-aging agent and many hydration factors deeply moisturize your skin.

Honorable mention: Skinfood Glacier Water Gel Mask / Skinfood Marine Food Gel mask Seaweed


4. Best Brightening Sheet Mask of the Year:

Elensilia’s Galactomyces Whitening Mask


Elensilia’s Galactomyces Whitening Mask

Elensilia’s Galactomyces Whitening Mask recorded 4 times of sold out in The Eucalyptus driven Tencel mask holds lots of micro hairs that adheres mask to your skin very nicely and delivery serum to your skin effectively. It has high air-permeability so you don’t feel uncomfortable during the mask session as well. Galactomyces filtrate is added to the solution with high concentration of niacinamide and adenosine, intensifying the brightening property of this mask.

Honorable mention: Llang’s Brightening 3 Step Kit / Leaders Vita Brightening Mask / Leaders First Ampoule Mask Mela-Tox


5. Best Value Sheet Mask of the Year:

5.Surmedic Vital Collagen


Surmedic Vital Collagen:

So, overall Surmedic’s Vital Collagen mask is the most selling mask in the This mask sheet costs only $1 and it contains decent amount of serum in the package. Good amount of niacinamide brightens your skin complexities and hydrolyzed collagen effectively gives firmness. Panthenol and beta-glucan hydrates your skin.

Honorable Mention: Llang’s on the skin mask sheet, deep sea water from Hawaii, Innisfree, it’s real squeeze mask, Kiwi, A’pieu Milk One Pack – Pure Milk


6. Best Anti-Wrinkle Sheet Mask of the Year:

Leaders First Ampoule Mask , Wrinkle Toxin

Leaders First Ampoule Mask , Wrinkle Toxin

Because of the unique design, Leader's First Ampoule Mask series are easy to carry. In this test tube shaped package, a sheet of mask is soaked in the half bottle of serum (23ml). Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 and rosemary extract effectively recover the elasticity on your skin. The mask holds serum very effectively because of the multi-pore and mash-support process, and you will still have plenty of serums left on the bottle. You can keep add left over serum on the mask. 

Honorable Mention: Dr. Jart Dermask Intrajet Firming Solution / Elensilia Placenta Firming Mask




1. Best Toner of the Year

Innisfree’s Green Tea Balancing Toner

M-Pick : Innisfree’s Green Tea Balancing Toner

Innisfree’s all time best seller got the title of Best Toner of the Year. This toner is made with 87% of the Green Tea extract and other common ingredients. Propanediol is used for astringent and many other antioxidant-extracts are also included. It DOES contain fragrance but the formula is full of non-harsh ingredients. Since it does not contain many moisturizing agents, this toner is more suitable for combination to oily skin.

Honorable Mention: The Saem’s Harakeke Toner / Skinfood Premium Royal Honey Good Toner / Llang Ginseno:Soo Waterful Toner

 2Sol 순한살결수

General Pick : 2Sol 순한살결수

2Sol is a reasonably priced, organic and fragrance free brand. This moisturizing toner is infused with witch hazel as an astringent. Aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin very well and guaiazulene repairs damaged skin. It’s a pity that we cannot buy 2Sol cosmetic in US yet.

Honorable Mention: Primera Organian’s Water / Benton BHA Skin Toner


2. Best Serum / Essence of the Year

Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Essence

M-Pick: Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Essence

Skinfood’s Royal Honey Propolis Essence has been famous steady & best-selling products for quite long time. 50% propolis extract and 20% royal jelly extract deeply hydrates your skin while preventing inflammation. Even though this serum has relatively simple composition, it is a really well made serum. The texture is light, so most of the skin type may use this serum and the light smell of honey is really pleasant.

Honorable Mention: Donginbi Daily Aging Preparation Essence, Elensilia Propolis Resistem Ampoule, the green tea seed serum, Elensilia Galactomyces Essence

 Lirikos Marine Hydro Ampoule

General Pick: Lirikos Marine Hydro Ampoule

Lirikos is a sub-brand of Korean Cosmetic Giant – Amore Pacific. Even though this set of ampoules are much more expensive than conventional Korean Beauty Products ($110~$120) this ampoule is an excellent hydration serum. Mineral rich deep sea water is used as the base and lots of moisturizing factors such as trehalose, sodium hyaluronate and beta-glucan. Plankton extract and Salicornia europaea Linnaeu extract intensifies moisturizing effect of this sophisticatedly formulated serum.

Honorable Mention: Sum:37 Secret Programming Essence, Sulwhasoo’s Yunjo Essence


3. Best Boosting Essence of the Year

LLANG Magic Oil Essence

M-Pick: Llang Redgin Magic Oil

Actually, it was really hard to decide the best pick of this year because; Elensilia’s Galactomyces 90.12% was such a well-made product. However, I decided to pick Llang’s Redgin Magic Oil. Even though it is called oil, it is made as boosting serum. Oil from 11 root counts of Korean red ginseng deeply hydrate your skin and prepare your skin for your next skincare. It is very light textured and floral and light smell is definitely a plus for this product. Because of this light texture, this can be used as an ampoule for the oily skin as well.

Honorable Mention: Elensilia’s Intensive Bio Essence 90.12% Galactomyces, Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum, Skinfood Black Sugar First Serum Original


General Pick: IOPE Bio Essence

Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate is used as base and decent amount of brightening ingredient (niacinamide) is also formulated. Other than this, some of plant extracts are in the formula as well. Saccharomyces ferment effectively condition your skin and provides moisture and nicely prepare your skin for your skincare routine. You can use this essence as a mask as well since it does not contain many irritants. Even though it is slightly more expensive than other boosters but I still think this is an amazing booster.

Honorable Mention: Missha First Treatment Essence, Ohui the First Cell Source


4. Best Moisturizer of the Year

 Elensilia Escargot Original Repair Cream

M-Pick: Elensilia Escargot Original Repair Cream

This year, I met my first holy-grail cream from Elensilia. This rich textured, gel-type cream has everything you need for moisturizing and repairing. The snail mucous extracted Glycosaminoglycans, also known as skin identical molecules in extra cellular matrix deeply hydrates your skin and repair the cellular damages. Niacinamide and adenosine is added for anti-wrinkle / brightening dual function (approved by KFDA.) If you are okay with a bit of stickiness, you will fall in love with Elensilia's Escargot Original Repair Cream.

Honorable mention: Code 9 Black Volume Cream, Elensilia Caviar Renovage Cream, Tonymoly 100

Hours Cream

 Belief The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb

General Pick: Belief The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb

Belief is under LG cosmetic family. Belief’s Bomb series has been quite popular from few years ago, and they successfully positioned in Korean cosmetic as a specialized brand for non-sticky moisturizers. Moisturizing Bomb is slightly richer than Aqua Bomb. It does not have many biochemically active molecules but it moisturizes your skin very well and texture is just prefect.

Honorable Mention: Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin, IOPE’s Super Vital Cream, Sidmool Aloe Essential Cream

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