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K-Beauty 101 What Is K Beauty And How It Differs From Other Skincare

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K-Beauty is exactly what you think it is, Korean-Beauty. Marie Curie has called Korea the new skincare superpower, calling them about 12 years ahead of skincare innovation globally. As seen on television, Koreans aim for that porcelain skin and rarely do you see them with acne or pimples. The demand for flawless skin comes with the need for the supply of it, hence the huge investment businesses in Korea pour into technological and scientific innovation for new products.

 Made in Korea

What sets K-Beauty apart from others is, first, the fact that the products are made in Korea.

K-Beauty products are made with the purpose of benefiting the skin long-term. Rather than an immediate, overnight treatment, Korean skincare products aim to progressively, with time, do its magic, whether it be brightening, acne clearing, smoothening skin surface, improving skin discoloration, or healing dry skin.

 Safe Skincare Ingredients

The next big factor that sets it apart from other skincare is its use of gentle, non-harsh ingredients.

When running down the ingredient list on a Korean skincare product, you’ll find a ton of antioxidants, plant extracts and fruit extract amongst many other harmless ingredients.


 Affordable K-Beauty Products

Possibly the most significant reason for K-Beauty’s rise in popularity is how affordable it is!

Although skincare itself can get pricey, Korean beauty brands, in a way, are set in a hierarchy where you have options of price points to choose from. You may or may not have heard of the 10-step Korean skincare routine, but a whole 10-step set can cost you at least $200

In case you haven’t heard of the 10-step Korean skincare routine:


K-beauty products has exponentially become globally accessible and appreciated. As more and more beauty brands are introduced, competition will inevitably increase, and quality of product will also continue to rise. K-Beauty’s global expansion seems to have no end and we’re supporting it!

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