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Valentine's Day Dinner Date Look - Must Have Beauty Products

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The fact is, Valentine’s Day is the most exciting day of the year. Think about it, it’s the day for us to dress and impress our beloved one; it’s the celebration of romance and the relationship you’ve long invested in; or it can be a cute date with your newly developed crush. Therefore, Valentine's Day dinner should always be treated with some extra preparation. 

Now that February 14th is around the corner, why don’t we spice things up a bit with Valentine’s Day must-haves?


1. MISSHA Wish Stone Tint Oil

Red Lips Dinner Date

This is the ultimate lip product for your special night. It works as a lipstick as well as lip oil, so it's guaranteed you will show up at the date with a glowing, radiant lip. It keeps the chapped lips at bay even in the coldest days of winter. (We are talking about mid-February!) Also, this long-lasting lipstick will stay on all day and won’t come off until you decide to take it off. A small pop of color is all you need to complete a look and capture your lover's attention!

2. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral PowderValentine's Day No-Sebum Mineral Powder

The fancy candles on the table set the vibe and atmosphere for you and your valentine. However, it also reflects the light that shines from the excessive oil on your makeup and makes it more visible than ever. That's why I carry around this powder around to mattify my face when it gets oily. Innisfree’s no-sebum mineral powder is petite in size and even includes its own applicator placed inside the package. So you can get up whenever you need to and fix those little imperfection of excessive oil. I realized it blends very well on top of make up, leaving a velvety finish without a heavy feeling.

3. Kiss Me Heroine Volume & Curl Mascara Ex - BlackValentine's Day Kiss Me Mascara

What’s the one must-have step in a night look, especially for occasions like Valentine’s Day? I say it’s the eyes. Kiss Me’s Heroine Volume and Curl Mascara is the product that enhances your whole look, and finishes it strong with the product’s robust eye-enlarging effects. With three simple strokes, it instantly lights up the eyes by volumizing the lashes with Japan’s advanced silk fiber technology. It’s also water-proof and even tear-proof, ruling out any possibilities of smudging. Who needs eyelash extensions when you have this strong, effective mascara?

With the beauty essentials above, you’re ready for the night! Comment below and let me know what you like to use on Valentine's Day.


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