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The systemic approach of K-beauty – Do I really need famous 10 step regime?

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The systemic approach of K-beauty – Do I really need famous 10-step regime?

Hello, M-Friends. We’ve been to KCON NY 2016 and all our staffs were busy with packing, selecting and communicating with beautiful people in KCON. While we were there, we were asked many questions from the participants about the order of cosmetics usage. So I have prepared special posting on this question, and it can be a long one. One thing that I want to emphasize before I start this posting is that you do not have to religiously follow this order and you can make your own modification any time. Again, cosmetics are just cosmetics. If you put wear cream before toner, it is not end of the world. ( I don’t recommend it though, lol)

 llang cleansing

1. LLang Super Cereal Cleansing Ball

2.LLang Natural Foaming Cleanser

3.LLang Pure Melting Cleansing Gel

4,LLang Treatment Cleansing Balm

1.     Cleansing Steps


So when it comes to cleansing, the lip & eye make-up should come first to cleanse out point make-ups. You may use cotton puff with lip & eye make-up remover to soak eye make-up for gentle removal. Oil and balm type cleanser can be used after lip & eye remover for basic skin make-up. You gently massage out skin foundation and bb cream and wash your face with lukewarm water. Foam cleansers should be the last step of cleansing, leaving skin refreshed. If you want to add gommage or peeling gel, you can use them after the cleansing foam because if you use gommage or peeling gel on the top of your make-up, make-up residues may penetrate to the stimulated skin and may cause breakout. But if your skin is make-up free, you may use gommage or peeling gel before the cleansing foam as well. For the water type cleansers, you can use it before foam cleanser or you may substitute foam cleanser with cleansing water and skip the foam cleansing step, if you feel like to.

 llang skincare set

1.LLang Softening Toner

2.LLang Healing Energy Essence

3.LLang Intensive Eye Cream

4.LLang Trans Emulsion

5.LLang Activating Cream

6.LLang Recovery Oil

2.     Basic Skincare

There is no absolute order of basic skincare but the fundamental is to use products with low viscosity first then move on to high viscosity; from watery to oily. So, you may begin with toner. If the toner is wipe off type (watery with almost no viscosity), you can use it for the first step of your skincare. If you have first essence or pre-essence type product, you can use it after the toner. But if you have a thick, sticky toner, you may use first essence before the toner. So consider the viscosity of the cosmetics and you adjust your order according to your skin condition and preference. The next step is serum/ampoule/essence. If you have gel-type essence, use it before the eye cream. If you have cream type essence, you should compare the thickness of essence and eye cream, and then you apply less dense one first. Generally, oily (especially silicone base moisturizers) textured products may hinder the penetration of the other products, so you can use them after watery textured products. The emulsion is a tricky case, but generally you can apply it after the serum or essence. If your essence is creamy, oily essence, you may use emulsion before your essence as well. So again, the order should be decided case by case scenario. For the last step of your skincare, you can use cream for the last step. Facial oil may be used before the cream or mixed with cream according to the instruction.

 3.     Add-ons

 So generally, we recommend you to use sheet mask sheets after the toner but if your serum is a watery or gel type one, you may wear mask sheets after them as well. I was asked multiple times whether they should apply emulsion and cream after the sheet masks. Well, it’s a good question. If you think you should, you can. Generally, oily layer may lock up the moisture in your skin, so you can use emulsion and cream after the sheet masks but if you think they will make your skin sticky and uncomfortable, you can skip it.


 I know many of people K-beauty fans already know about this order very well and they use a lot more add-on products other than the baseline products that I have mentioned above. However, you do not really have to use so many products at the same time. Your skin also has a capacity of water / oil intake. So too much products may cause sudden breakout or sensitivity. So always remember, too much is as bad as too little.




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