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Inject in & Mask on – Oozoo Injection Mask (Nutrient) - Review M7

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I think (and I am sure many others would agree as well) the sheet mask is the most iconic product in Korean beauty business. There were sheet masks before Korean beauty gained the popularity nowadays, but certainly the K-beauty trend made mask sheets more general, ubiquitous and a must-routine of skin care. From $1 mask of Missha in early 2000 to the Innisfree’s second skin mask with fermented green bean sheet, Korean sheet masks have evolved constantly. Oozoo Face Injection Mask is in the newest position of this evolvement. The Oozoo separated several ingredients in the separate syringe, trying to deliver active ingredient right before use, so that the user can benefit from the fresh mixture. 

(before put the mask)


First Impression

So, this sheet mask consists of two parts. On left side of package, a syringe with separated powder tube and liquid tube is placed. On the other side, there is a sheet mask with injection hole. The sheet mask is already wet, so it is not like we inject small amount of liquid on the dry mask. First, you need a little instruction to use it. You have to inject powder into liquid part first. So the small piston on the top of the syringe should be pushed on, then the white powders will be dropped into liquid part. After you shake it, you can inject to the mask part through the hole. Check out the video, and then you will know what I am talking about. (Always visual instruction is better, right?)  Then you can open the cover. The sheet is thicker than most of the sheet masks on the market and folded with scaffold. Even though it is thicker than other mask sheets, it has great skin affinity, and it feels extremely soft because of the fine fibers on the mask.

 (mask on)

mask on

Ingredient Check

Since the ingredient is separated in two parts (mask/syringe), I did two ingredient checks. One thing that I am pleasantly surprised by Oozoo sheet mask; it has arguably the best ingredient composition in the market. While they minimized potentially problematic ingredients such as triethanolamine, benzyl alcohol and parabens, the Oozoo added decent amount of moisturizers and active ingredients. They used Phellinus Linteus extract (a mushroom extract that is used in Korean traditional medicine for nutrition) as solvent and added relatively safe moisturizing solvents such as butylenes glycol & glycerin. You can find acetylhexapeptide-8 (argireline) - a.k.a Botox derivative – relatively in the front, and adenosine is added as brightening/anti-wrinkle active ingredient. Well known conditioning agent Saccharomyces ferment filtrate, natural moisturizer beta-glucan are used for solvent of powder ascorbic acid in the syringe. It contains Glyceryl Stearate SE, and it is a safe ingredient but it can be acnegenic for someone so please be aware of it. Phenoxy ethanol is used for preservatives just like many other paraben free products.


After Thought

This is a good mask. Amazing ingredient, great texture and a little fun factor as well. The fine fiber on the mask provides great affinity to the skin even though the sheet is pretty thick. Thick mask sheets do not dry out quickly so you do not have to keep adding serum, and it deeply hydrated my skin and visibly improved fine lines. The moisture stayed on the next day as well so it made my skin nicely glow for entire day. The most amazing part of this mask is its ingredients. Without much of surfactant and preservative, they added decent amount of active ingredients, seemingly because they separated several ingredient to the syringe. I will definitely recommend this mask to anyone who have combination to dry skin and in my routine sheet mask along with Leaders First Ampoule mask. 


One Line Review


PROS: Amazing ingredient, radiant glow with injectable syringe

CONS: a little more expensive than other masks

IDEA: Be your own dermatologist with the syringe 

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